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I take this opportunity to thank Xiphias for getting my PR in very short time period.Thank you so much for your guidance ,team effort and support .

Pinku Thomson

I would express my gratitude to Varun Singh, Payman Mehrani and all the team members of Xiphias who made this happen.
Once I had received my ITA, Payman continuously guided me through the process. He is skillful when it comes to the Visa processing and Varun has helped me a lot to understand the processes and has supported me at times of difficulty.
I am very satisfied with the Xiphias team for the awesome services provided for helping me achieve the PR for Canada.

Gautam Pathak

Xiphias is a great company to support you with immigration. They are very vigorous in their approach and support you throughout the process. Their team Payman, Kavya, Ashwini are of huge help in all steps of the process. Highly recommended.

Devesh Tiwari

Thanks to Xiphias for being their in my journey to fulfill my dream of canada Immigration. Thanks to Varun for he has initiated this process. Its been a long , tired and tested journey but we together made it.

Joseph Raj Thananki

At times when you think that your dreams are not going to be fulfilled, that's when you come across consultancies like Xiphias who at every step make sure that you are inching towards your goal. A big and heart felt thanks to my entire processing team at Xiphias specially Satyam and Ranjitha. You both have been really very patient and helpful through my journey with Xiphias right from day one. Your valuable guidance and assistance at every step helped me get my ITA. A definitely to go to consultancy for the immigration purpose without a second thought.

Sneha Mahindrakar

I got the greatest news of my life of receiving CSQ which we had long been waiting and that too without any interview. I must say I had approached Xiphias for quebec immigration process almost at the last moment. But Mr. Varun Singh helped me in every way possible and put me in the right course. Even the silliest query would be answered and patiently. I still remember the day when I was just 2 days short of application submission deadline I had given up the hope for submitting application in time and told Varun that we won't make it in time. But he remained constantly on phone and helped me fill the application form properly and handover the package to the courier guy who was watching the commotion for a good half hour. And even after filing the application I could approach him with every new question coming up in my mind for last 2 years. Looking forward to apply for PR visa and hope the journey goes smooth and fast. Surely would recommend Xiphias Immigration to all my friends and relatives.

Anita Joseph

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Xiphias Immigration, particularly to Mr. Varun & team for providing us with valuable insight on matters pertaining to immigration and most specially for his patience and dedication in facilitating our communication which processed our Immigration file to Canada in a better way from beginning. I really appreciate the customer service and professionalism standard. They have been helpful in assisting me to complete all the formalities in time to get the CSQ. I strongly recommend Xiphias Immigration, THE BEST!!! for people who are planning for migration... Wishing Xiphias Immigration the very best and may God bless them.

Geetha Ninan

My experience with Xiphias has been like none other.I got my visa within two months of submission of my documents! The entire team was very professional and helpful.A big thank you to Mr Varun, Subodh and the entire processing team who made this possible! Keep up the good work :)


I am glad to have chosen you to handle my case for immigration to Canada. In a very short time you have taken my case and presented it well to achieve an ITA. I thank your team of coordinators and Mr. Shivraj Moger who took my case and did the necessary steps to make sure the results were produced. I trust you to keep the intensity through out my process.


I would like to thank XIPHIAS and UNIVERSAL Immigration team, very big salute to VARUN,CANDICE and RAJESHWARI for helping us to get CSQ without interview which make us very happy. We know that our case was exceptional. I had left the hope but Varun gave us great support. Moreover we went through all stages like Rejection, Appeal and Selection. Once again thank you so much Varun. We strongly Recommend XIPHIAS immigration whoever seeking Canadian PR. Really trust worthy. Again and again and again thank you soooo much Varun. Hope you will help us to get PR.


I would like to take this moment to thank each one of the person at Xiphias who worked on my case with all their sincere efforts and helped me get an ITA. A big thank you to Satyam who helped me through from the day one he was assigned my case, without whose guidance and support my dream of immigrating to Canada would have been still a dream if not for his help and also motivation to keep me going. Ranjitha, ofcourse, who assisted me in the documentation and had the patience to listen and answer all my queries without complaining, though sometimes my questions would be repetitive. Thank You Ranjitha and Satyam. You guys been the best consultants to have worked with. Last but not least, I will definitely recommend Xiphias to all those people who are looking for best immigration counsel and help. You guys rock!!! Keep going and help people to fulfill their dreams.


I would like to extend my immense pleasure and gratitude to you for your guidance and support in obtaining my PR Visa-Canada. Without your positive encouragement and support i would've not achieved this stage.Whenever i lost hope your positive words have really encouraged me to go forward.Really i m very grateful to you Sir.Your words speaks volume of the kind of man you are-efficient,organised and result-oriented. This is truly above and beyond.
Thank you so much Sir..!!


I am very delighted to get my visa stamped in my passport. This belongs to your kind support and patience to solve our problems. You are such a wonderful agency which provide valuable time, energy and manpower. Thanks to you Varun, and your team.


I recently received my ITA for Canada Express Entry Program. XIPHIAS team has done a very good job in guiding us to reach this stage.They have been with us at each step, following up with us regularly, clarifying all the process related queries that we had. They have gone above and beyond in completing our profile on time which was crucial in receiving the ITA. Thanks to Satyam, Manpreet, Ankita, Processing Team and Payman for all the efforts. Hoping to get the same kind of support from you all for the further processes.


I received my ITA for Canada last month under the Express Entry scheme. In times of fake consultancies, where it is very easy to get cheated, we were very fortunate to have come across a genuine Immigration consultancy like Xiphias.
Though my husband and I were not a very easy case (all those questions/doubts) , everyone in the team, especially,Satyam and Sravanthi (my processing Officer) , per se, were quite patient in clearing all our doubts. Thank you again Xiphias for all your help and hoping to go make it beyond PR with you guys.


Am so glad to announce that I received my Canadian visa. My dream came true by the support and timely guidance of Xiphias. My special thanks to Mr.Varun for your replies to my queries at time. For prospect Canadian immigrants, I strongly recommend " XIPHIAS " as trusted agency to make your dream possible.


I received my ITA for Canada under the Express Entry scheme last week. Xiphias team has done a great job in helping me out in my dream to immigrate to Canada. Ever since I approached Xiphias for the Express Entry process, the entire team coordinating with me in Xiphias has taken all earnest efforts to process my application and to sort out all difficulties I faced. My experience has been great with Xiphias so far and they are always there to reach out for all my queries and doubts. But with Xiphias and their great team, I am confident that everything will be completed successfully and my dream will come true. I will strongly recommend Xiphias to all immigration aspirants.


It would be a great mistake if I don't thank my supporter and guider, that is none other than XIPHIAS team for helping me to receive my PR for Canada. Mr.Varun was so helpful and great mentor in the race to achieve my dream destination. Moreover, I would without fail like to thank Mr. Sanjay for supporting me in proceeding with federal processing and made my journey easy.To be frank, I literally thought I would not be able to get my PR as I had worked in Iraq for two years and needed many documents from there which was nearly impossible but got by grace of god and proper guidance from Xiphias team. I strongly recommend every one who are willing to travel to Canada should process through XIPHIAS Immigration agency. Its really trustworthy.


Thank you Xiphias team and especially Mr.Varun for the support and valuable guidance for getting CSQ without interview. Once again thank you so much Mr Varun for your kind support and, he is very apprroachable whenever we have doubts and a genuine good human....I can strongly recommend Xiphias Immigration for people seeking to immigrate.


Thank you to the entire team of Xiphias Immigration for helping me in getting the visa to Quebec. Especially Mr. Varun and team helped me in every step of the visa processing. They made it easy for me. And also they helped in career assessment. Once again Thanks to Xiphias Immigration..


Today I really feel my dreams have reached the desires of it' correct destinations as I have got the CSQ without attending the interview. And for my prosperity I give all the credit to XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION. As they have immensely helped me to reach towards the success of my goals. They effectively made me understood the rising trend of 21st century and steps to face the challenges of this competitive era. Their skilled and expertise consultants made my paths to success a quiet easier and simpler. They were there to help me out at every point of time in the entire process to get my CSQ. Ultimately in simple words I just wanted to say XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION gave me the best experience.


I feel overwhelmed to say that I got the CSQ without attending the interview. And for this I heartily thank XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION. In my point of view they are really the best. They finely processed all my documents and were always beside to keep an eye that my VISA process got settle up in a handy way. Moreover, I specially thank Mr. Varun (Vice President XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION) as his deliberate support exceedingly helped to reach my ambitions without any interruptions. And for XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION I just wanted to say you are simply outstanding!! I really prey your long endeavored success.


First of all, thank you very very much Varun for all the support during the entire application process of CSQ since the last 2 years and the preparation for the same. I was delighted to get the news from Varun himself on receiving my CSQ. This comes at a point when we had a huge number of hurdles to overcome and without the support of Varun, I don't think it would have been easy.
Thanks Varun for all the support and I would expect the same till the Visa is stamped and I land in Canada I am sure you guys will always be as supportive as you have been.
May God bless you!!!!


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