Ontario Business Immigration

Ontario is the hub for finance and business in Canada. It houses Canada’s capital Ottawa city. Toronto the business hub of Canada is also part of Ontario. Most professional foreign workers’ population is located in Ontario. The province offers a lot of beautiful landscapes, adventurous zones among others. This place is famous for its tourism, industries, banks and agriculture.

The Ontario Business Immigration Program is part of the OINP where in, the profiles are shortlisted from the Express Entry pool to be nominated from the province.

For the profile to be considered by the Ontario government, the applicant will have to submit his Expression of Interest first.

Such applicant should be ready with a business plan which proves that the business he/she would like to invest in brings in enough profits for Ontario’s economy and society.

The applicant will have to have a minimum of 36 months of management experience prior to the application.

The applicant will have to prove that the applicant will be responsible in whole for his/her stay in Canada and in no way will depend on public funds.

The applicant will have to prove his minimum net-worth of CAD 1,500,000 if he/she is looking to invest in Toronto or Ottawa regions. For other areas, the applicant can show the net-worth as CAD800.000.

The applicant will have to invest a minimum of CAD 1 million in Greater Toronto area and in other areas he will have to invest a minimum of CAD $500,000.

The applicant will be actively involved in the management activities of the business in Ontario and he/she will ensure that the investment would earn back enough profits while also creating jobs for the local population.

After the EOI is selected based on the scores and ranking system, the applicant will get a nomination from Ontario province to apply for the PR in Canada.

The applicant can utilize the opportunity to invest either in a running business or a start-up or in farm lands in Ontario.

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