Start a company in the USA being a Non-Resident

Being in USA and opening a company may be easier. But opening a company in USA without being a resident there could be tricky if you don’t have the right partners to replenish your dream.

Well XIPHIAS Immigration with its vast experience and reaches, can help you in 2 easy steps. All you need to do is provide your documents to us and we take care of every aspect for you.

  • We have a registered agent partner with a valid address in the USA who can represent you and take things forward for you.
  • We have an expert team of lawyers who can guide you in the right manner to help you open a US company.
  • We have an ideal team of counsellors who can provide you with every detail required while helping you submit the application in the right manner.

Company types in USA

1. LLC – Limited Liability Company

Registering your company as a limited Liability Company is one of the best options as the owners are not personally liable to the losses faced by the company. The regulations for an LLC depends on the state the company would be based. The articles of the company needs to be registered with the state. It is beneficial as sole proprietors or other companies can become partners. The taxes are not paid by the members. The taxes are calculated based on the profits earned by the LLC.

2. C-Corp

The C-Corporation or c-corp is best for starting a medium to large scale business in the USA. Although, both the corporation and the owners will be taxed, it is still advantageous for expansions and further growth. And every tactical move in earning profits can help combat the double taxes. However, the owners will still not have the burden of personal liability on the eve of losses faced by the corporation as the C-Corp will have its own legal entity. Limited involvement from the IRS in a C-Corp

3. S-Corp

Non-residents cannot register their company under S-Corp although S-Corp is more beneficial in terms of taxes

Opening a company in the USA is beneficial in many ways. Few are listed below
  • It’s an international merit to have a company in the USA
  • Huge Ready Market for implementation and testing of the sale of product/service
  • Process of registration and incorporation is easy
Few Notes

1. To start a company in US, one need not have a Green-Card.

2. One need not have a physical address to open a company in the US. A registered agent can do that on your behalf. Such an authorized registered agent, with a valid US address will be selected by the state and such agent will be authorized to secure your legal documents. The same address could be used for applying for “EIN” and for opening a bank account. All these mailstones can be achieved by using “Mail Forwarding Service Provider”

XIPHIAS Immigration has tie ups with such registered agents in the USA. We can provide solutions for you at every stage as would be necessary for starting a company in USA.

Believe in your dreams and help us execute them for you.

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