SNIP – Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Immigration Program

Saskatchewan is a Canadian province that borders the United States to the south. Grassland covers its southern plains, and to the north are the rugged rock of the Canadian Shield plateau, coniferous forests, rivers and lakes. Its capital is Regina. Saskatchewan's economy was primarily associated with agriculture. However, increasing diversification has resulted in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting. Saskatchewan grows a large portion of Canada's grain.

The Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program is the one of the pathways to enter Canada.

The various streams one can apply for SINP-

  • Under the International skilled worker category, to be eligible for you to get the nomination, your Profile must be part of the Express Entry pool. You must get the Job seeker code.
  • Out of 100, one needs 60 points to qualify. The CSR is based on factors like, age, education, language proficiency, work experience and adaptability.
  • Valid language test results from designated testing agency should be provided.
  • The applicant must have a complete post - secondary education, training, or apprenticeship that’s equivalent to the Canadian education system. Education must be evaluated by the eca (education credential assessment)
  • The applicant must have one year of work experience in the past 10 years in a skilled profession (non-trade).
  • Else, the applicant must have a work experience in a highly skilled occupation in National Occupational Certificate metric level O, A, B that include on the SINP occupation demand list.
  • You may require to provide the proof of professional status or license.
  • The applicant needs to be also ready with the Proof of settlement of funds.
  • If the applicant meets the above criteria, then he can submit his EOI. After submitting EOI, applicant receives the invitation and then he needs to submit his documents within 60days along with the fees.
  • If the applicant gets selected, then he receives the nomination letter. Thus he gets an additional 600 points to his CRS. Following this, the applicant receives an ITA for PR.

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