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BC PNP - British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia is the westernmost province in Canada with immense natural beauty, vast green forests, snowcapped mountains, and rugged ocean coasts. BC is also one of the most diverse provinces in the country, with more than one million residents born outside Canada. British Columbia attracts approximately 35,000 immigrants each year. BC is also renowned for its high quality of life and capital Vancouver consistently being named as one of the most livable cities in the world.

BCPNP has three pathways to nominate application for residence. Firstly, skilled Immigration, Express Entry BC and Entrepreneur Immigration.

Skilled Immigration is for skilled and semi skilled workers under severe demand occupation list of BC. The nomination is based on point system. The process includes appropriate application for BC PNP. The process is manual while the application is online. Prior work experience for the some skill categories is not required. While some skills, BC employment offer is mandatory. The employment offer must be supported by LMIA approval. This increases the points and nomination chances by provincial government. Entry level and Semi-Skilled category applicants requires BC work experience. International graduates from Canadian university or college may not need work experience and it depends on the job being offered.

Express Entry BC is fastest pathway for eligible skilled workers to immigrate to BC. To get nomination, the application must qualify for a federal economic immigration program. It is point based invitation system and application process for BC PNP and permanent residency process. BC work experience is not required, however relevant work experience, education and language is required to qualify for the nomination.

More about British Columbia

BC is one of the largest Canadians provinces taking up approximately 10% of Canada's land surface. British Columbia is home to an array of different cultures, lifestyles, ethnicities, and religions and this is what makes it so popular to the thousands of immigrants that come to the province every year. The economy in British Columbia is steadily growing, and it is mostly reliant on natural resources. Forestry and mining are two of the biggest industries in the economic sector, and the province boasts Canada's third-largest hydro-electrical power scheme and it is the country's second-largest producer of natural gas. Tourism also makes up a huge part of the economy contributing over 13 billion dollars every year and creating a job for every 1 in 15 British Columbian. Its national parks and protected areas attract more than 40 million visitors every year with many people seeking out the Spirit Bear and Orca's on their travels around the province, and its rugged outdoors make it an adventure seeker's dream destination. It has consistently been voted as one of the most beautiful places in Canada and continues to attract people from all walks of life.

The province is also home to Canada's third-largest city Vancouver, and this makes British Colombia a perfect place to nature lovers and city slickers alike, to settle down. It also has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and education in the province is of the highest quality. It is easy to see why British Columbia is one of Canada's most popular provinces, and it goes a long way in explaining why there are such a large number of foreigners who wish to settle in the province.

Relocating to British Columbia can be done through several different programs, but one of the fastest and most popular program in the CIC is the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. The program offers graduates and potential skilled workers that have experience in a field that is being targeted for growth by the province. These potential immigrants may receive a British Columbia Provincial Nomination Certificate that will invite them to apply for Canadian permanent residency, and they will find a processing time that is much shorter than many of the other immigration policies.

Vancouver Immigration 2018

Most potential immigrants considering living in British Columbia are interested in Vancouver immigration. Vancouver is the largest city in the provinces and is the economic and cultural heartland of BC. Victoria BC immigration and Kelowna immigration are also popular. Vancouver is one of Canada's most beautiful cities, and its friendly people and incredible nature make it the perfect place to resettle. The British Columbian Provincial Nominee Program is one of the most popular ways to gain permanent residency in Vancouver.

The BCPNP 2018 is often referred to as the Vancouver PNP program since many participants are interested in moving to Vancouver. If you are interested in immigration to Vancouver, you should definitely consider applying under one of the many streams of the British Columbia Immigration Nominee Program. As you can see, it offers a wealth of different options and categories for various fields of occupation. The processing time of the program is much faster than many of the other immigration programs offered by CIC and it if you are eligible it is a quick and efficient way to get your Canadian permanent residency to live in Vancouver.

Provincial Nominee Program British Columbia

The British Columbia Nominee Program is one of the fastest and most effective ways for a potential immigrant interested in living in BC to receive Canadian permanent residence. Applicants who wish to apply for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program must fall into one of the two categories allowed in the program.

BC Provincial Nominee Program 2018 Categories

There are three categories that those interested in the British Columbia PNP can apply under.

BC PNP categories: Intentions to live and work full-time in Alberta Express Entry British Columbia Skilled Worker Immigration Entrepreneur Immigration
Eligibility for those wishing to resettle in British Columbia via the BC Provincial Nominee Program is determined through one of these sections. Both the Skilled Immigration option and the Business Immigration option are split into different sub-categories that decide whether the applicant is eligible to receive a BC Provincial Nomination Certificate. Skilled immigrants in the health care field, or who have graduated from a university or college in British Columbia, can apply to the program through BC PNP Online. Others who have received a full-time job offer in BC will need to register under the PNP British Columbia Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS).

BC PNP Skilled Immigration

The Skilled Immigration section of the Immigration British Columbia PNP 2018 is one of the most popular ways to immigrate to BC. The BC PNP nominates up to 1,350 skilled workers every year.

The sub-categories found in the Skilled Immigration section of the BC Nominee Program include the following: The Skilled Worker Category - workers who have received a legitimate job offer for skilled employment can apply under this section. Several years of work experience in the relevant sector is a necessity when applying. The Health Care Professional Category - applicants using this section to apply for the BCPNP must have an eligible job offer and several years experience in the health sector as nurses, physicians, and psychiatric nurses, or associated medical professions International Post-Graduate, BC Degree Category - this section caters to foreigners who have graduated with a masters or doctorate degree at a legitimate education institution within the province of British Columbia International Graduate, Canadian Degree Category - this section is open to international students that have graduated from a legitimate and eligible Canadian education institution in the last two years. A job offer is necessary for the applicant to be considered. Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category - people who wish to apply for certain semi-skilled or entry level professions in tourism/hospitality, food processing, and long-haul trucking should apply under this sub-category
Unless noted elsewhere, the following requirements apply to all BC Skilled Immigration streams.

General British Columbia Skilled Immigration Requirements: Candidate must have accepted an eligible full-time employment offer (BC International Post-Graduate applicants are exempted from this requirement) Candidate must meet all minimum qualifications for their occupation The offered wage must be considered a competitive wage for that occupation in British Columbia Candidate must demonstrate that they satisfy the minimum income requirement If the occupation is classified as NOC Skill Level B, C or D, the prospective immigrant must submit valid language test results showing a French or English language proficiency of CLB Level 4 A $550 BC PNP processing fee must be submitted with all BC PNP Skilled Immigration applications The candidate's employment must not adversely impact any employment or training opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents, or have a negative effect on any labor dispute or the people involved in one Employment must benefit the BC economy
We will now examine the various BC Skilled Immigration streams in detail.

British Columbia Skilled Immigration Streams The Skilled Immigration section of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program 2018 is made up of 5 different sub-categories and each has its own rules and eligibility requirements.

PNP BC Skilled Workers Category

This British Columbia PNP sub-category is available for individuals that have a university degree or any post-secondary education/training, and a number of years of work experience in a skilled employment field. Applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for this BCPNP option.

Applicant Eligibility: Applicants must have employment in a skilled occupation that falls under NOC level 0, A or B. If applicants are gaining employment in an occupation that needs training or certification, then they must prove that they have reached this level of certification. When applying in this BCPNP sub-category, the ability to prove that the individual can pay for living expenses and housing in British Columbia is a necessity. This can be done by providing an income slip or confirmation, residential address, a list of any dependents and proof of a legitimate job offer in BC. The employer that is offering the job to the applicants must meet the following requirements.

Employer Eligibility: The business itself must be in British Columbia Full-time, permanent employees should already be active in the business Must show a record of high standards of practice The business must show that it has met the domestic labor market employment An authorized let of employment addressed to the applicant should be provided, and the letter should cover the following details: Both employer and applicant should have signed and dated it Job duties should be described The applicant's expected working hours The applicant's rate of pay That a minimum of 30 hours will be worked in the job that will be full-time and permanent List of the added benefits of the job Any relevant bargaining agreements

PNP BC Healthcare Professionals

This British Columbia Nominee Program sub-category is open to individuals who work in any of the following positions in the medical field:

Eligible Occupations: Physician Registered Nurse Specialist Registered Psychiatric Nurse Nurse Practitioner Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Clinical Pharmacist Medical Laboratory Technologist Medical Radiation Technologist Occupational Therapist Physiotherapist Each of these of these jobs comes with explicit requirements that apply to each one separately as follows.

Physicians or Specialists: Must be supported by one of the five regional health authorities in British Columbia or the Provincial Health Services Authority Have a letter stating they have a positive assessment from the leading physician at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in British Columbia.
Registered Nurses: Must supply proof of a full-time position at one of British Columbia's five regional health services or the Provincial Health Services Authority Have to be registered with the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses in British Columbia or the College of Registered Nurses in British Columbia
Midwives: Must provide a letter as proof of being a part of a practice group in the region for at least six months Be part of the College of Midwives in British Columbia
Allied Health Professionals: Have a full-time employment offer at one of BC's five regional health authorities or at the Regional Health Authority Services Be member of the regional governing body that determines the licensing and regulates the individual's health care profession

PNP BC International Graduates - Canadian Universities

This option is open to international students that have graduated from a post-secondary educational facility in Canada in the last two years prior to applying for the BC PNP. Work experience is not an absolute necessity, but proof of a job offer from a British Columbian based employer is a requirement.

The following requirements must be met for the applicant to be deemed eligible.

Applicant eligibility: Applicants must have obtained either a post-graduate or graduate degree from a university or college in Canada. Full-time 12-month diplomas will also be considered if they were gained at a Canadian post-secondary institution. A diploma won't be counted if more than a quarter is done as an internship Application for Provincial Nominee Program BC must be within two years of finishing this education Individuals must show proof that they can support themselves and any dependents by providing income/employment expectations, area of residence and information of dependents
Additional requirements: All employment offers must be of an NOC 0, A or B level and if the job offer is an NOC C or D level, proof must be provided that shows the applicant will work their way up into a 0, A or B position. Applicant must prove that they meet all levels of certification and training that is required for their particular area of employment A letter of employment should be provided that has been signed by both the employer and applicant; it should also give details such as pay rate, working hours, additional benefits, guarantee of a full-time, permanent position and any relative collective bargaining agreements The employer cannot take off any pay for immigration fees or recruitment Salary should be competitive and equal to BC standard market rate Applicants originally hired on the Labor Market Opinion should be receiving more the LMO standard

PNP BC International Post-Graduates

This BCPNP sub-category is an option for individuals who have studied at a British Columbia institution and graduated with a masters or doctorate in applied, health or natural sciences. A job offer if not a necessity for this program.

All individuals wishing to apply in this BC PNP Program sub-category must meet the following requirements for eligibility.

Applicant must have graduated from a certified British Columbia educational institute in one these study fields: Agriculture Biological and Biomedical Sciences Computer and information sciences and support services Engineering and Engineering technology Health Professionals and other applied health sciences Natural Resources Conservation and Resources Physical Sciences
Applicant must supply proof that they wish to permanently settle in British Columbia by providing: The length of all current or previous residence Connections to BC through family, study, and work Any housing plans that have been made

PNP BC Entry-Level or Semi-Skilled Worker Category

Immigration to British Columbia is possible through this BCPNP stream provided the following requirements are satisfied.

Individuals who wish to apply through this sub-category must be: Living in British Columbia Working in a particular niche job within the tourism/hospitality industry, long-haul trucking or food processing industry Working in a NOC C or D level in the Northeastern Development Region of BC
Individuals also need to meet the eligibility necessities below: Currently employed in a permanent role, and must have been so for at least nine months prior to the PNP application Full-time work must be sustained during the application process A letter of employment should be provided that has been signed by both the employer and the applicant and should detail the working hours, salary, additional benefits, any relevant collective bargaining agreements and the duties of the job Employer cannot take off any wages for recruitment or immigration Salary must be market-based and competitive If originally hired through the Labor Market Opinion, the applicant should receive equal or more than the LMO standard Applicant must show proof that they can support themselves or any dependents by providing income expectations, living arrangements, and details of any dependents Proof of at least 12 years of schooling and the relevant certification must be provided Proficiency in the English language must be shown to at least "Benchmark 4"
The employer should also meet certain requirements as shown below.

Employer Eligibility: Business must be based in BC Must already have full-time employees, and if based in Vancouver the business should have at least five full-time employees A history of legitimate business interactions Domestic labor market employment specifications must already have been met

PNP BC Northeast Pilot Project

The Northeast Pilot Project Category of the PNP Program BC is now closed. Northeast Development Region workers are now covered under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Entry-Level or Semi-Skilled Worker Category.

Previously, applicants that live or plan on living in the Northeast Development Region of British Columbia could apply under this section if the had semi-skilled and unskilled professions. There was no need for a job offer. Now, applicants who are working in the Northeast Development Region of BC in a C or D NOC level occupation may apply for a BC PNP without a job offer via the BCPNP semi-skilled or entry-level categories.

BC PNP Business Immigration

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program offers an opportunity to live and work in BC as a permanent resident for individuals who wish to invest in the Canadian economy. There are four separate sub-categories found in the Business Immigration section of the BC PNP 2018, and they are outlined below:

Entrepreneur Category - this section applies to business managers or owners who wish to invest money into a potential business in British Columbia. egional Entrepreneur Category - this category is for business managers or owners that intend to invest money into a potential business in British Columbia that is in an area other than Vancouver. Strategic Projects Category - this sub-category applies to employees attached to a foreign-controlled business that is being set up in British Columbia. Up to five people attached to the business through managerial, technical or professional roles can be nominated for the sub-category. Regional Business Succession Option - this sub-category is for individuals who intend to purchase and run an already established business that is found in British Columbia. This option can also be applied to the above three options if the business is found outside Vancouver and Abbotsford areas.
We will now go through the in-depth details of every sub-category of the BC Business Immigration category and will allow individuals to see whether they are eligible to apply for the program through one of the many streams. BC entrepreneur immigration is not currently available through the Canada Express Entry system.

British Columbia Business Immigration

The BC PNP Entrepreneur Immigration category contains four sub-categories.

PNP BC Entrepreneur Category

To be eligible for this category of the British Columbia PNP Program, applicants must meet the following requirements.

Applicant requirements: Must have proof of experience as a business manager or owner Must provide a practical business proposal that will prove economic benefits to British Columbia Must show that they have the finances available to invest in a business. This is a net worth of $600,000 which can include spouses finances
Once the application is approved, the individual will have to follow the following procedures.

Additional requirements: A minimum investment of 200,000 dollars must be made to set up, buy or expand a business in BC Candidate must own at least one-third of the equity or shares in the intended BC business A performance agreement contract must be signed (you will then have 20 months to implement the business proposal) At least one full-time job must be made for either Canadian Citizens or permanent residents The applicant should be part of the management and running of the business on a daily basis The applicant may bring in one integral member of foreign staff who is essential to the running of the business
Prospective immigrants that are invited to apply for business immigration to BC must engage a "qualified supplier," such as a professional chartered accounting firm, to verify his or her personal net worth and review the accumulation of funds.

PNP BC Regional Entrepreneur Category

Immigration to British Columbia, excluding Vancouver immigration, is possible via this BC PNP Business Category stream as long as the following requirements are satisfied.

Applicant Requirements: Applicant should have experience as a business manager or owner Provide a business plan which will benefit the BC economy Proof of financial investment viability, namely a net worth of $600,000
If the application goes through then the applicant must meet the following requirements.

Additional Requirements: Invest at least $200,000 in creating, buying or expanding a BC company (outside Vancouver or Abbotsford) Hold at least one-third of the shares in the business A performance agreement contract with the provincial government should be signed Create at least one employment opportunity for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident Be involved in the daily running and management of the company

PNP BC Strategic Projects Category

Foreign companies that wish to establish a branch in BC may take five key staff member with them. Applicants under this 2018 BCPNP category must meet the following requirements.

Applicant requirements: Provide evidence to show successful and legitimate business practice outside Canada Prove that their five staff members are key to the running of the business
If the application is approved the individual must then meet the following requirements.

Additional requirements: Sign a Performance Agreement with the provincial government Invest a minimum of $500,000 in starting or expanding the business Make three new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents for every essential staff member Create, buy or expand a company that is already incorporated/federally incorporated and registered extra-provincially in British Columbia

PNP BC Regional Business Succession Option

This sub-category applies to individuals that are eligible in one of the above Business Immigration options, which will allow them to buy and run a British Columbian based business from a retiring owner. This sub-category allows for priority processing.

Requirements: A complete ownership changeover must take place for the business to be eligible The business should be located outside of Vancouver and Abbotsford The current owner should've operated it for at least five years Have a minimum of one full-time employee who is not a family member of the current owner Be in active operation Must be an eligible business all round
Regulated RCIC immigration lawyer can help the application to secure the BC PNP. It is important; the application must wait for the PNP to release. The criteria may change on releases as it depends on the BC labor market situation.

The Entrepreneur Immigration stream is for high net worth business people, meeting minimum BC investment criteria and actively manage a valid business in B.C. The detailed information can be found at XIPHIAS Canada BC Investment migration page.

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