Talent Passport Program

Republic of France is known worldwide for its beauty and its expeditions. France has a control over many countries across the globe. Its economy is defined by Fashion industry, Agriculture and Tourism. It is one of the largest exporter of food in the European Union. France is also famous for its production of wine. Many ethnic groups live in France and it is among the top populous countries in the world.

France is famous for its architecture and its heritage. Paris, the capital of France, houses the famous Eiffel tower, the Vesalius Palace, Gardens, museum which houses the world famous painting Mona Lisa and many more architectural wonders. Many artistes and artisans have come from France. It’s even till day a hub for painters and artistes.





UTC+1 (Central European Time)


4,233,255 km squares




Euro, CFP Franc




European Union


$3.161 trillion

Legal Basis

In the fall of 2013, France started the TALENT Passport program allowing Residency Permit for interested Business Investors


  • Visa Free unrestricted access to all of the Schengen Area
  • World-class Living conditions in France. Free access to medical benefits and education
  • 10 years of Validity for the Economic Residency Permit
  • Your immediate family will also get the Visa without any additional investment or fees
  • You become eligible to apply for France citizenship after 3 years of living in France


  • Provable High Net worth
  • Clean Background
  • Good understanding of conducting business

Process & Timeline


  • Preparing Visa Application and Residency Permit application with XIPHIAS


  • Submission and Processing of the Application.
  • Process Time - 10 -30 days


  • Visa Application passed and issued.
  • This is a pre-requisite for obtaining the Residency Permit.
  • Arrive in France


  • Process for Residency Permit starts post arrival.
  • Process Time - 1 to 2 months
  • Obtain Residency Permit

France Investor Immigration Program

High net worth individuals who are looking to open their business or invest in a running business in France can now take advantage of the France Investor Immigration Program which provides a 10 year residency permit for the investor.

The applicant becomes eligible to apply for French citizenship once he/she has lived and made France their home for more than 5 years of time.

You don’t have to master French language to invest in the country.

The whole process would take 2 months maximum time.

There are no “living in France restrictions” attached to this program.

In case, you don’t live in France after obtaining your Residency Permit, Income earned due to the investments in the country alone are subject to taxes. However, if you make France your home, then you are income worldwide would be taxed just as any other citizen of the country.

Compulsory Requirements the investor needs to abide to qualify under this program

1. Investments of Euro 3 million in either commercial or industrial assets of the country. This will be non-speculative long term investment. Such an investment can be made as either personal investment or through a company in which you are a 30% shareholder. The company can be either registered in France or any other country in the world.

2. You should have a good standing in the history of your passport

3. You should provide medical certificate proving your sound physical and mental health

4. You should provide a certificate from local authorities of your country of origin proving your non-criminal background.

Notes on Investment

  • You can invest alone or along with friends and investors/business partners in customized investment programs.
  • Investments should be maintained for a minimum of 10 years.

XIPHIAS Immigration

XIPHIAS Immigration with its experience of more than 10 years, backed by registered international investment counselors and advisors, solicitors and lawyers can walk with you hand in hand to help you accomplish your dream of investing in France.

We have close ties with business houses and real estates in France to help our clients have feasible investment options with good returns on investments. Partner with us today to know more about your opportunities worldwide.

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