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XIPHIAS Immigration is a leading investment consultancy company for individuals looking for Business Investment Visa Services and investment immigration services. Our immigration experts provide top-notch investment consultancy services to our clients. With expertise in a wide range of investment immigration services, we provide investment consultancy services in India and abroad. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge and experience and has been guiding individuals and businesses toward their investment and immigration goals.

With increasing dynamism in the markets, it becomes imperative for any businessman to travel across the world Visa free to improve his/her business prospects and invest in multiple countries. Keeping in mind this need of business groups, many countries across the globe have opened their doors to allow cross-border investments.

Best investor visa programs

There are several options for individuals looking to immigrate and invest in the best investor visa programs. Mentioned below are some of the best programs:

  • New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa Program
  • UK Start-up Visa Program
  • US EB-5 Visa Program
  • Greece Golden Visa Program
  • Latvia Residence by Investment Program
  • Malaysia My Second Home Program
  • UAE Golden Visa Program

Best countries to get citizenship by investment


Europe Investment

Catching up with Time is an important ingredient for a successful life. This is especially true for businessmen. The immigrant investor program in Europe provides such an opportunity to the businessmen. It is by far the most popular program for investors. It provides either citizenship or permanent resident permits to them to travel across Schengen Visa zone without any delays. Each European country have their own set of rules and the applicants can choose the country of his/her choice based on what suits their needs best.

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Canada Investment

Canada is one of the top 10 countries to start business in. Investors and experienced entrepreneurs can enter into Canada through their several Entrepreneur and investor visa options. The visa would be applicable to the applicantbs immediate family. Canada, through this program ensures the continued success of its economy through diversification and development.

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Australia Investment

In the year 2012, The Australian Significant Investor Visa was introduced. Itbs a pathway for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) to permanent residency in Australia through investment immigration. The individuals, migrating to Australia under this program are eligible for citizenship after three years of migration. The residency approved, is only for the immediate family.

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Caribbean Investment

A handful of Caribbean Countries to boost their islandbs economies, have launched investment immigration program to attract foreign investors. All of these islands offer citizenship directly rather than a temporary or permanent residency program. These islands are located close to USA and Canada. With these islands being picturesque, most programs are largely based on real estate.

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US Investment

USA has been the apple of many migrantsb eyes. A developed country, with good infrastructure and easy accessibility to quality free education, USA has been a star attractor. The US economy ensures good return of investment. Through this program, US economy plans to attract foreign investment to boost local economy and create more employment opportunities to the locals.

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UK Investment

UK Investment Program is aimed at those who wish to set up or join or take over an existing UK business. This program needs a minimum investment from the aspirant side. This Visa extends to the immediate family of the applicant.

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New Zealand Investment

New Zealand is unmatched for the quality of life there. A peace loving serene country, New Zealandbs new business migration policies offer a unique opportunity to enjoy New Zealandbs exceptional lifestyle while developing their business interests.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the worldbs most significant financial centers and commercial ports. It is the house for the largest number of sky scrapers. The aspirant who would want to utilize this program, need to be ably contribute to the economy of Hong Kong. They should be able to startup a business or invest in already existing business. However, this program goes through a rigorous vetting and selection program by the Government of Hong Kong.

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Business Visa Consultants

As experienced business visa agents and consultants, XIPHIAS Immigration specialize in facilitating smooth and efficient visa processes for entrepreneurs and investors. Our team is well-versed in the process of business immigration and all the requirements and procedures involved. Whether you're looking to establish a presence in India or explore investment opportunities, XIPHIAS Immigration is a top investment consultancy company that offers comprehensive services. We assist with investment visa applications in India, including business investment visa in Delhi and all over India. Our expert business investment immigration consultants in India ensure that you navigate the complex immigration landscape seamlessly.

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