Spain Business Immigration Visa

Spain is a developed country which has its influence on many other parts of the world due to its early expeditions. Although a single country, there are 17 autonomous regions within Spain. Spain is known for its culture, food, festivals and dance. Tourism is the backbone for Spain. Spain is the 10th best country to live in. It has had its share of breakdown of economy during 2003-2014. However, it has recovered quite well post 2014.

In the year 2013, Spanish Government came up with the immigration law to provide residency to high net worth individuals who could invest a minimum of Euro 500,000 in Spain’s real estate.




504,642 km²






Euro (€)


Central European Time Zone UTC+01.00


26 Schengen Countries


Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Liechtenstein

  • The applicant will have to make a minimum investment of Euro 500,000 in the real estate of Spain
  • The main applicant needs to have surpassed a minimum of 18 years of age
  • The applicant has to be a non-EU resident
  • You will have to submit a report from the local police authorities certifying that you are free from any kind of criminal backgrounds
  • A medical report needs to be submitted which certifies that you are of sound bod and mind.

Benefits for having this Visa Permit

  • Access to free education
  • Quick process
  • With this visa, one can live and work in any part of the Schengen Area.
  • This program doesn’t need one to travel to Spain at any stage of the process
  • They don’t ask for academic backgrounds

With very few requirements for this program, it is one of the favorite pathways to get an entry into European Union.

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  • Ensure at any stage, you would falter
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