Startup Ireland Visa Programme

Ireland is one of the top 10 richest countries in the world. This island country is covered with lot of greenery and has the name Emerald Isle. Ireland has many accents and the language sounds different in each town. Irish Sea is connected with Atlantic Ocean through the North Channel and it separates England and Ireland. Ireland is known for its beautiful locations and the great wild Atlantic way which is the longest coastal drive in the world. This country brings forward its Start-up Entrepreneur Program to help all those who intend to invest in Ireland in a new start-up. This visa is also called Critical Skills Visa program.





Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)


84,421 km2 (32,595 sq mi)


English, Irish, Ulster Scots, Shelta





VISA in Ireland

Temporary to Permanent Residency


38,248.75 crores USD


Based on qualifications and experience for job role within the company. This is started by International Entrepreneurs to help innovators relocate to Ireland to start a business there.


  • The successful applicants will receive a 2-year residency
  • The resident can extend this for another 3 years
  • After living for 5 years in Ireland, they can apply for Permanent or long term residency in Ireland.
  • The applicant can start their business in Ireland
  • They can bring their family along to live in Ireland


  • Investment Value a minimum of Euro 94,000
  • The applicant should be able to provide proof of their source of income
  • Applicant should provide proof of medical history
  • Applicant should be able to provide proof of their crime free history

Process & Timeline


  • Evaluation for eligibility
    • Payment - €500
    • Timeline - 1 Week
  • A complete consultancy will be provided to help the Innovator choose his path
  • Innovator pays €500 for evaluation of the profile for Critical Skills Employment Permit
  • VISA Eligibility Assessment will be carried out


  • Company formation
    • Payment - €10,000
    • Timeline - 4-6 weeks
  • Client pays pre-incorporation fees of €10,000 to kick-start the incorporation process
  • Irish director employed for 10 hours per week


  • Capital Investment
    • Payment - €42,000
    • Timeline - 1 Week
  • A business bank Account is opened to maintain minimum operating costs with €42,000
    This amount covers the need to pay client salary for one year through the bank account associated with the business


  • Visa Applciation
    • Payment - €20,000
    • Timeline - 2 Weeks
  • Visa Application prepared along with supporting documents
  • Submission of Visa Application


  • Virtual Acceleration
    • Payment - €0
    • Timeline - Up to 3 months
  • Client is provided virtual support to accelerate business
  • Connection with the Irish Director is established
  • Client prepares for local networking and introductions


  • Visa Approved
    • Payment - €79,500
    • Timeline - Up To 3 months
  • Visa Approval Received
  • Balance payment of the VISA Application
  • Client to make their physical presence in their company in Ireland


  • Entering Ireland with Family
    • Payment - €0
  • INIS Registration
  • Obtain Spouse work permit
  • Stamping for 1 year Permission for residence
  • Stamping for 2nd year renewal of residence


  • Getting Permanent Residence
    • Payment - €0
  • Stamp 4 for residence application

Start-up Entrepreneur Program

Start-up Ireland VISA program was introduced by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to help them set up a new organization in Ireland

The entrepreneur with strong innovative business idea can set up their business in Ireland. Such entrepreneurs with fresh ideas will need only €94,000 as investment.

This program was introduced with the intention of supporting High Potential start-up.

  • to introduce new international product/service from the markets of Ireland
  • should be involved in international trading
  • the project should create a minimum of 10 jobs for local citizens and residents of Ireland.
  • the project should be led by highly professionals individuals
  • the business should be registered and headquartered in Ireland.

The entrepreneur will be provided with 12 –month immigration permission. All those entrepreneurs who attend the incubation or innovation boot camps program in Ireland will get this permission. This program is available for advanced graduates in the STEM stream.

The Residency Permit

Step 1- The successful applicants will receive a 2-year residency

Step 2- The resident can extend this for another 3 years

Step 3- After living for 5 years in Ireland, they can apply for Permanent or long term residency in Ireland.

Total Cost

Total cost of this program is €152,000. This includes

  • Incorporation cost
  • Client Salary of 2 years
  • Mandatory Director salary for 2 years
  • Social Insurance contributions and accountant payroll of cost over 2 years

How XIPHIAS Can Help

  • We help you with complete Corporation set-up, financial and Legal setup.
  • We take care of your VISA Application end to end.
    • Organise the intricacies and complexities with meeting visa requirements
    • Manage the disbursement providers to ensure they are meeting the needs of the client and of the visa requirements
  • We help you with networking and getting the right contacts
  • We help with providing local knowledge and start-up experience
    • Provide business ideation/planning/strategy support as needed
  • We provide the right guidance and direction to you as and how it would require
    • An EEA directorship is a requirement of the critical skills visa. We offer a unique Directorship opportunity where the client retains full ownership and control of their own company
    • The Startup Ireland Director acts as a 'bridge' to the local business network
    • The Startup Ireland Director acts as a single point of contact for Startup Ireland
    • Provide ongoing facilitation, emotional support to the client and family

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