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Under Sub Class 300 (the Prospective Marriage Visa Program), one can apply first for this temporary 9 month Visa to enter Australia and marry the prospective person following which one qualifies to apply for Partner VISA.

To Qualify for Sub Class 300

With this VISA you can stay in Australia for a period no longer than 9 months.

You can study or work in Australia with this VISA.

Under SUB CLASS 309 and 100, if you are in a genuine/legal relationship with your partner who is an Australian Citizen or a Permanent Resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen living in Australia, then you can apply under these programs.

SUBCLASS 309 – This is a temporary visa. The applicant will have to first obtain this visa to qualify to apply under Sub Class 100. The applicant will be living outside of Australia at the time of applying under this program.

You can stay in Australia with this VISA until the time, a decision has been made on the Permanent Residency application of yours.

SUBCLASS 100 – This is a Permanent VISA. Known as the Partner (MIGRANT) VISA. All those applicants who have SUBCLASS 309 temporary visa can apply under this program.

You can stay indefinitely in Australia with this VISA.

You must still be in genuine/legal relationship with your partner while applying for this VISA.

You can stay and work/study in Australia with this VISA

You qualify to become a sponsorer to invite qualified individuals into the country

You are eligible to apply for Citizenship of Australia after the stipulated time period.


This VISA re-opened on the 17th of April 2019.

The sponsorer needs to first submit sponsorship application. Once it gets approved the parent of the sponsorer can apply for the SPONSORED PARENT TEMPORARY VISA.

With this visa, the parents and children can reunite temporarily. The parent must be a biological or adopted parent of the sponsorer. The sponsorer must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen who is legally staying in Australia.

You must submit the VISA application within 6 months of obtaining the sponsorship approval.

This visa allows the parents to live for a significantly longer period in comparison with the Visitor visa.

Parent VISA (SUBCLASS 103)

This is a Permanent Resident Visa Program. Parents of Australian citizens, Permanent Residents, citizens of New Zealand living in Australia can apply for this program.

The applicant needs to be living outside of Australia to qualify for this program.

You can apply as a retiree through this program if you had earlier held the 410 retirement visa.

It is mandatory to be sponsored for this program. The sponsorer will invariably be your child who is either an Australian Citizen or a Permanent Resident or New Zealand citizen living in Australia.

This visa needs that you complete the “Balance-of-Family” test, which needs you to prove that either more than 50% of your children are eligible or that most of your eligible children are located in Australia than in any other country.

You need to provide proof that you are financially supported or can support self while living in Australia.

You need to provide medical certificate and character certificate

You need to arrange for a good health insurance in Australia

You will have to provide evidence that your relocation is in the best interests of your children in Australia.

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