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About Canada

Canada is a Democratic country with multicultural population backed with efficient administration. It has been adjudged by the United Nations as being the best place to live, work and settle because of its easy access to education, high life expectancy and high living standards with low crime rates.

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Canada immigration benefits

Benefits of Immigrating To CANADA-

  • A Permanent Resident holds the right to work and live in any location of the country, unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Enjoys social benefits like free education for children and state health care facilities for immediate family members.
  • Immigrants have the option to shift along with their family, including parents and children.
  • On completion of three years of life as PR, the immigrant can apply for Citizenship.
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Canada Express entry program

Express Entry Program

Canadian Government has been inviting applications for Skilled working professionals for many years now to fill in their vacancies. It has officially rolled out The Express Entry System on the 31 st of January, 2015. This program was developed with an intention to ease the immigration policies

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Canada Federal Skilled Trader Program

Federal Skilled Trader Program

The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) is one of the several ways to acquire a permanent residence VISA to immigrate to Canada. Any individual who is skilled enough in trades listed by the Canadian Government can apply under this program.

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Canadian Experience Class visa

Canadian Experience Class

Any individual who has a minimum of one year of Canadian work experience or has studied for more than a year in Canada qualify to apply for the Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program (CEC) visa. It is one of the pathways to obtain Permanent Residence in Canada.

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Canada Provincial Nomination Program

Provincial Nomination Program

Applicants who are looking to migrate to a particular province or territory can use the Provincial Nominee Program. This program allows particular Canadian provinces and territories to nominate individuals

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Canada Family Spouse sponsorship visa

Family Spouse Visa

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who has a foreign national spouse by marriage or by common-law or a foreign national conjugal partner, you can sponsor your spouse or partner to become a Canadian permanent resident.

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