USA EB-5 Visa

The land of innovations and of Entrepreneurs, USA has been a pioneer in inviting immigrants into the country. The country invites temporary skilled professionals, permanent skilled professionals, investors, business enthusiasts and real estate investors. It offers many pathways to address these streams.

EB 5 program is for those business enthusiasts who would want to invest in the USA which ensures job creation for a minimum of 10 locals there. Termed as the “Land of the Free”, USA is a strong economy growing every year.

The US EB5 Program or EB-5 Investor Immigrant Visa Program started in the year 1990. Through this VISA category, eligible investor immigrants can become lawful permanent residents or the GREEN CARD holders. The current requirement for the Targeted Employment Area or TEA, to be eligible under the program is an investment of $900,000 post November 2019. Till that period the requirement is a minimum of $500,000. This program is intended to increase the foreign direct investment in the area to help economic growth.

This program is one of the 5 Employment-based (EB) Visa programs and it is the 5th category.

The primary applicant along with spouse and children up till the age of 21 years can apply together under this category.

The rule is that the investor will have to generate a minimum of 10 jobs for local population.

The investor and his family, when the application gets passed, will be provided provisional/conditional Residency Permit for 2 years.

90 days prior to the expiry of the conditional Residency permit, the applicant has to provide documental evidence proving that the investment amount has been deposited and the 10 jobs created are continuing with substantial support.

New Regulations from November 2019

The US Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS) declared the below changes, with effect starting 21st November 2019

  • Investments in general area- $1.8 million. (Earlier $ 1 million investment)
  • In TEA or certain rural areas the minimum investments has been raised to $900,000 (Earlier $500,000 investment)

Post-recession in 2008, it was these Foreign Direct Investments which helped the country to rebuild. A lot of Asian millionaires took special interest in the US for investing there.

Investments can be made in either one of the following

  • Real Estate of the country
  • Purchase an existing business
  • Invest in a running business. This investment should lead to a minimum of 40% increase in the net worth of the business while also increase in the number of job creations.
  • Start a fresh business.

Investments should be made into a commercial enterprise which include either a Sole proprietary Concern or a Partnership or holding company or a joint venture or a corporation or a business trust or any other entity. Such investments should be made for profits.

To maintain the Green Card, it is required that the holder lives in USA for not less than 6 months every year.

Benefits of US Green Card

  • Successful applicants will be granted US green card along with their spouse and children less than 21 years of age
  • This program doesn’t need the applicant to have any language proficiencies neither has age limitations.
  • The family can live and work in any part of US with children getting access to education in USA.
  • This is one of the rare programs which doesn’t need day to day involvement of the investor in the running of the business.
  • An investor holding US PR (Green Card) and the family, qualifies for US Citizenship in 5 years of having obtained the Green Card.

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