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MPNP - Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

The beautiful Province of Manitoba is called "Gateway to Western Canada". Located in the middle of the country, Manitoba is an open and friendly place with a thriving labor market, due to abundant natural resources and agriculture. Winnipeg is perhaps the friendliest major city in the country, and the province is filled with pluralistic communities that are open to new Canadians.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) helps the province to attract the exact immigrants well suited for the local job market. Manitoba recognizes the many benefits skilled immigrants can bring to the growing economy. Manitoba PNP was established in order to expedite the immigration.

There are two pathways a application can secure Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program 2018.

Outside of Express Entry, placing Expression of Interest (EOI) directly to Immigration Manitoba is one of the ways to earn MPNP. Upon procuring the Manitoba nominee certificate from the MPNP, the application is forwarded for request on securing Canada permanent resident through Express Entry system.

Second rule for the prospect-interested immigrants for immigration to Manitoba is through direct Canada Express Entry system that formally shows an interest in Manitoba immigration. The Immigration Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program acknowledges the profile by sending Notification of Interest (NOI) via Express Entry, inviting the prospective immigrant to submit an EOI to the program. The potential immigrant's Express Entry profile is credited with the nomination adding 600 points under the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System.

More about Manitoba

Canada has some very welcoming immigration policies. This is by design, as the Canadian government has recognized a need for a growing labor force across the nation. Canada is also a free, welcoming, and prosperous society – for many people from around the world, Canada offers opportunities unheard of in their home countries.

Manitoba is a thriving province with a beautiful landscape and friendly people. The capitol is Winnipeg, a vibrant, urban center that is home to about 60% of the province's population. Manitoba also has the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, Brandon University, and Red River College. Not only are these excellent places to get an education, but students who graduate from a Canadian college or university are then eligible for special Manitoba immigration Express Entry streams.

Whether you come to Manitoba for work or school, many opportunities is available should you wish to become a permanent resident. With the Manitoba PNP 2018 and Express Entry system, the entire Manitoba immigration process can move swiftly and efficiently. Soon you could call the province your new home.

By the year 2020, over 254,000 new employment opportunities are expected to be created in Manitoba alone. Due to retirement, there is expected to be a lack of qualified individuals to fill all those jobs. For this reason, the Government of Manitoba has created several new immigration streams under the MPNP and has been aggressively promoting Manitoba Express Entry. Because most people interested in immigration to Manitoba end up in the capital city, the program is sometimes casually referred to as the "PNP Winnipeg".

Usually, the first step for a potential immigrant is to apply to the Provincial Nominee Program Manitoba. If they meet the requirements and are accepted into the program, they are then considered "nominated" by the province. This can greatly increase their ability to achieve permanent residence status in Canada. Basically, the province is telling the federal government that they believe the nominee will make a positive contribution to their community. The federal government can then fast-track the person through the immigration process via the Express Entry immigration system.

One of the reasons why Manitoba immigration is growing in popularity is because the secret is out that Winnipeg and other communities in Manitoba are extremely welcoming of new immigrants. When Canada made a commitment to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees by 2018, Manitoba was one of the first provinces to express an interest in taking them in.

Skilled Workers and Canada Express Entry Points

Canadian immigration through the Express Entry program is based around the concept of points. There are several categories in which an applicant is scored based on various factors. The overall intention is to determine how suitable an applicant would be for Canadian citizenship, and how much of a benefit they'll bring to the economy and the culture.

The six selection factors for the Provincial Nominee Program Manitoba are: Age – up to 10 points Education Level – up to 25 points Work Experience – up to 15 points Language Proficiency (English and/or French) – up to 25 points Arranged Employment in Canada – up to 10 points Adaptability – up to 25 points
At the federal level, applicants need a score of at least 67 points. However, a nomination from a province, such as through the Manitoba PNP 2018, can help with the process. Additionally, the immigration official is allowed a certain amount of discretion when it comes to immigrants who are close to the minimum score. This is especially useful when the applicant can clearly demonstrate the benefits they'll bring to the province.

How Long Does Manitoba Immigration Take?

The process varies depending on how you apply. The longest possible times are generally through the federal streams. This is why many applicants prefer the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program 2018. When the province nominates an applicant, they are often encouraged to apply to become a permanent resident through the Express Entry program since it is much faster.

The Canadian Express Entry program is the fastest way to obtain permanent residency in Canada once the Manitoba Nominee Program 2018 has nominated you. The stated goal of Express Entry is to process applications within six months.

Manitoba Express Entry - How to Immigrate to Manitoba

The Canada Express Entry program works in tandem with the MPNP 2018. There are three typical scenarios involving Manitoba PNP Express Entry.

MPNP Express Entry scenarios: Applicants can only apply through the Express Entry Skilled Worker program. The province of Manitoba can then select suitable applicants from this pool. Applicants can apply directly through the Manitoba Nominee Program. The province will then select candidates and ask them to enter the Express Entry pool. This is when the candidate is "nominated" by the province. Applicants can be nominated directly by the MB PNP through the Skilled Worker and Business categories. The applicant doesn't have to apply through the Express Entry program. Instead, after they've been approved by Manitoba, they’ll submit a separate application for permanent residency through the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Please note that processing times for Canada PR applications submitted outside of Express Entry take significantly longer.
The province of Manitoba has a total of 5,500 nominations to award potential new residents. When an immigrant in the Express Entry pool is then nominated by Manitoba, the applicant receives an additional 600 points under the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System. This results in an invitation to apply for permanent residence. In these instances, the CIC has committed to processing times of six months or less.

While the Express Entry program is an important and effective method of establishing permanent residency in Canada, the specifics of the MPNP will be more important to those looking to immigrant specifically to the province of Manitoba. Often, completing the Manitoba PNP online will aid the applicant through the Express Entry Process. CIC Manitoba nominated candidates will be selected to apply for Canadian permanent residency through an Express Entry draw much sooner than if they did not have a provincial nomination or job offer.

Foreign Nationals who currently live and work in the province of Manitoba are eligible to apply for permanent residency. Applicants must have worked in Manitoba for at least six months as a temporary foreign worker. Also eligible are international student graduates who have been working and living in Manitoba for six months or more.

Potential candidates for 2018 Manitoba immigration that submit an Expression of Interest to the Provincial Nominee Program Manitoba can potentially be selected through a series of EOI draws. The MPNP has an EOI draw several times a year during which the highest-scoring qualified skilled workers that are connected to province are invited to submit an application to the Manitoba PNP.

Applicants who are successfully nominated by the province will then be able to apply for permanent resident visas from the Federal Government of Canada for themselves and their family. The 2018 MPNP Express Entry combination makes this process extremely fast, often taking less than 6 months. Immigration Manitoba is aggressively courting potential immigrants, and the province has attracted over 125,000 people through immigration in the past 10 years. If you are looking for a great place to raise a family, it is hard to beat the city of Winnipeg or other safe and friendly Manitoba communities.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is regularly updating their streams to keep up with the evolving economic and immigration needs of the province. The MPNP is extremely professional and efficient, and makes the process of receiving a provincial nomination very easy for qualified individuals interested in moving to Manitoba. The MPNP often does missions abroad, so it may be possible to meet with Immigration Manitoba officials in advance of sending an EOI to the program without having to travel to the province.

The Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program periodically releases statistics related to their immigration program such as the average EOI score and lowest EOI score accepted recently. These numbers can give interested parties an idea of how competitive their MPNP Expression of Interest is compared to other prospective applicants.

Potential immigrants whose EOIs have been selected by the MPNP 2018 will be given Invitations to Apply or ITA letters encouraging them to submit a formal online application for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Once a MPNP nomination has been obtained, the immigration file will need to be processed federally during which Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will assess the person's eligibility for Canadian immigration including a full assessment of criminality, security, and health.

Winnipeg Immigration

More than half of the population of Manitoba lives in Winnipeg, and consequently the Manitoba Nominee Program is sometimes casually referred to as the "Winnipeg PNP" since many applicants are particularly interested in Winnipeg immigration. The MPNP settles new immigrants all across the province, however, and facilitates more than just Winnipeg immigration and Brandon immigration.

There are three categories within the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program 2018.

Manitoba Invitation Stream

As the name implies, the PNP Manitoba Invitation category involves an actual Letter of Invitation from the Manitoba Nominee Program 2018. The potential immigrant does not need to live in Manitoba in order to receive this invitation. The MPNP travels around the world searching for talented individuals who have skills and experience the province desires.

Applicants in this stream must meet the following requirements: Be between 21 and 45 years old Have a connection to Manitoba which is not superseded by a connection to any other province Be employable and "adaptable" ave at least a one-year, post-secondary certificate or training certificate Have at least two years of full-time work experience within the previous five years Have the ability to find work within Manitoba, including the ability to earn any necessary certifications required for work. Provide a Settlement Plan detailing a genuine interest in become a permanent resident of Manitoba Provide General Training IELTS test scores. Test must be taken within the past two years, with a score of at least 5 in each category.
Once invited, the prospective applicant must travel to Manitoba in order to conduct an Exploratory Visit. The individual must research communities and, basically, form a plan for how they will live and work in Manitoba once granted permanent residency.

Manitoba Connection Category

Applicants with a connection to Manitoba have several potential streams to permanent residency. These streams involve a direct connection to a person, business or institution (such as a university) in Manitoba. Here's our breakdown of the various streams available within the MPNP Connection Category:

Manitoba Support Stream
The PNP Manitoba Connection - Support Stream is for individuals who don't have a job in Manitoba, but who have a personal connection to the province. This local person is called a "Manitoba Supporter". In order to be eligible for this Manitoba Nominee Program stream, the Manitoba Supporter must be connected to the applicant in one of the ways listed below.

Approved connections: Mother Father Sister Brother Grandmother Grandfather Niece or nephew Aunt or Uncle First cousin Other relative Close friend
Manitoba Supporters must also meet several requirements themselves.

Manitoba Supporters must: Be able to prove, with documentation, current residency in Manitoba. They must be a permanent resident for at least one year. Be either a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident Prove that any previously supported applicants have found success as a resident of Manitoba (does not apply if this current applicant is the first individual supported) Be able to support the applicant as detailed in the Settlement Plan Prove close ties to the applicant (this requirement was recently classified as redundant)
Additionally, the supporter will have to complete the Settlement Plan Part 2, a document detailing information about the supporter, their relationship to the applicant and confirmation of the applicant's information. Friends and distant relatives are only allowed to support an applicant who meets certain criteria. The applicant must score a minimum of 60 on the MPNP selection grid (possible score 100). The grid helps quantify the factors listed below for the applicant.

Manitoba PNP points grid: Age (10 points) Adaptability (25 points) Education (25 points) Language Proficiency (25 points) Work Experience (15 points)
Individuals applying through this stream are required to have $10,000 CAD as well as an additional $2,000 CAD per each family member who will be accompanying them. This includes the spouse and any children.

This stream is a great option for highly skilled individuals who currently aren't employed but who want to live near family in Manitoba. This stream is not always open during the year, so availability may change.

Manitoba Experience Stream
Of course, you don't need to have a relative who lives here in order to successfully establish residency in a city such as Winnipeg. The PNP Manitoba Connection - Experience Stream is for temporary foreign workers and international students. As with the Support Stream, the applicants must score at least 60 on the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program selection grid. The grid considers the following factors: age, education, adaptability, language proficiency, and work experience.

MPNP Experience Stream applicants must have one of the following:
Full-time, skilled work experience in Manitoba. This can be for any six consecutive months within the past 10 years. Completion of a post-secondary program in Manitoba. This excludes the subject of language studies.
Additionally, international students must:
Be graduates of a post-secondary program located in Manitoba ave a work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada or have successfully completed the application process Be working full-time in the province Have an offer from an employer for full-time, long-term employment Have the ability and desire to live in Manitoba permanently Have all training, licensing, work experience and language ability required for permanent employment in the province
The Manitoba PNP Experience Stream is a great option for international students who arrived in Winnipeg for school but wish to permanently make a home here after graduation. This stream is also an option for anyone who either worked or attended school here within the past 10 years and wishes to return permanently. This program is extremely popular among current students and recent graduates of the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, Red River College, and Brandon University.

Manitoba Employment Stream
This stream is for individuals with long-term, full-time job offers in Manitoba. This may be an offer for a current job the applicant has held for at least six months as a temporary worker. This may also be a job offered to an applicant who has a completed post-secondary education in Manitoba.

Any type of occupation is eligible. The individual must also have:
An offer of employment from their current Manitoba employer Sufficient English and French language skills All necessarily qualification needed to perform the job being offered A detailed Settlement Plan which demonstrates how they plan to work, live and become part of the community in Manitoba
There are some special situations, which apply to foreigners with temporary worker permits:
If the individual is exempt from a work permit, they are ineligible for this stream. Temporary foreign workers must prove sufficient settlement funds. Current income is counted towards these funds.
International students who wish to apply under this MPNP stream have additional requirements:
International students from another Canadian province must have worked for their current Manitoba employer for at least one year Graduates of a Manitoba post-secondary institution must have spent at least six months working for the employer who is offering them full-time work Students must receive a post-graduate work permit within 60 days after graduating from a Canadian college or university Students outside of Manitoba are ineligible for this stream

Manitoba Business Investor Category

A successful Manitoba business is both good for the province and good for the business owner. This provincial nominee Manitoba immigration category is for those who want to establish permanent residence in Manitoba for the purpose of either starting their own business or buying an existing one.

There are several requirements the foreign national must meet:
They must have a net worth of at least $350,000 CAD They must make a minimum investment of $150,000 CAD into the business They must have an active role in the management of the business They must intend to live in Manitoba (including all accompanying dependents)
They must have three years of experience running a similar business or experience as senior management in a similar business. If the application is approved, the applicant needs to make a deposit of $75,000 to the government of Manitoba. Then the applicant has two years to establish a business in Manitoba. They have to live in Manitoba while they do this. Once the business is established and permanent residency established, the deposit will be returned (without interest).

The Young Farmer Nominee Program
Similar to starting a business, there is also a Manitoba PNP program business stream for individuals who wish to move to Manitoba and establish a farm. Agriculture is a major driver of Manitoba's economy, and the province has a stream in place designed for experienced farmers looking to immigrate. This applies to those looking to establish a new farm, purchase an existing farm, or partner with an existing farm.

MPNP Business-farmer applicants must meet the following requirements:
Three years of experience owning or managing a farm Provide documented assessment of farming opportunities in Manitoba and how they apply to the applicant's specific situation A personal net worth of $150,000 CAD Must make an equity investment of $150,000 within the province Be under 40 years of age Have marketable skills that could potentially supplement the farm income. This also applies to a spouse. Be able to demonstrate their farm and any supplemental income will generate at least $35,000 CAD annually
The applicant must also visit Manitoba for at least seven consecutive days for purposes of exploration. They need to investigate farming and living opportunities. If the application is approved, the applicant must deposit $75,000 in an account controlled by the Manitoba government. Within two years the money will be returned (without interest) if the applicant has purchased and established a farm within the province. The applicant and all dependents must live full-time in Manitoba.

With Manitoba's natural resources and land conditions, farming is often an excellent opportunity. For farmers around the world who wish to establish residency in Manitoba, this stream is often a great option.

Immigration to Morden, Manitoba

Immigration becomes easier as smaller levels of government are involved. When an applicant has a specific skill, which a community needs, that's often the best stream to explore.

The city of Morden has a Community Driven Immigration Initiative designed to attract people from around the world with specific skill sets. The community has targeted occupations and identified local labor needs.

Specifically, the city of Morden is looking for:
Automobile mechanics Cabinetmakers Childcare and daycare workers Factory sewing machine operators Manufacturing workers (especially entry-level)
Morden is a city with a population around 9,000. The city is located 110 km southwest of Winnipeg. The Community Driven Immigration Initiative is a part of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program 2018.

Ideal applicants will be accustomed to living in a rural area, and will thrive in the culture and climate of Morden.

Applicants must also:
Be between 21 and 45 years old Have a post-secondary education OR Have completed a training program, which awarded a degree, diploma or certificate. Program must have been at least one year in length. Have two years of full-time work experience within the past five years Have passed a General IELTS test. Must have a minimum score of 5 in each category. Have $10,000 to be used as settlement funds, as well as an additional $2,000 for each dependent. (This is required as part of the MPNP 2018) Have a genuine intention and desire to live and work in the city of Morden
Once a candidate has been selected as a potential immigrant, they're required to visit the city. While in Morden, the candidate will undergo a Manitoba PNP interview. They are also urged to explore the city, make contacts and assess employment opportunities.

Morden is a lovely city and many people from around the world enjoy living and working there. For applicants with desired skill sets, this stream can be an excellent pathway for Canadian permanent residency.

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