MPNP - Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba is one of the most famous destinations for immigrants. It is a province where, aboriginals of Canada can still be found. Manitoba’s economy is defined by agriculture, tourism and natural resources. The province is made of close-knitted communities. The province has a stable growing economy. The Government of Manitoba supports the local causes and many festivals all across the year are conducted in great pomp in this province.

Manitoba has been inviting many aspiring immigrants into the province through its Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). In November 2017, the program got revamped with newer regulations to ease the process.

According to the revamp, skilled professionals who are already in Manitoba for whatever reason, need not go through the point based filtration. They can directly apply for nomination with the Manitoba Province. The below qualify for the same

i. Qualified Temporary Foreign Workers

ii. International Students who are working in Manitoba

iii. Individuals who have a job offer ready from any organization based in Manitoba

The other pathways are as below

Skilled Workers Overseas Pathway

Professionals who can obtain a minimum of 60 points in the point based test with factors based on Age, Education, Professional experience, language proficiency and adaptability are qualified to apply under this program.

The applicants needs to prove a strong connection with a friend or relative who is already a resident or citizen in Manitoba.

If not, they can provide a prior experience of working in Manitoba to qualify under this program.

They need to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI)

Manitoba’s Express Entry Pathway

This is a sub-stream of Express Entry Pathway. It needs the aspirant to submit profile into the Express Entry Pool. Apart from the score the aspirant needs to achieve, he/she needs to also provide proof of experience in the list of occupations in demand in Manitoba Province. It is important to have family connections in Manitoba.

Human Capital Pathway

Foreign professionals who have a job offer in hand from one of the local Manitoba organizations, are qualified to apply under this pathway. However, it is important to have the occupation listed in the in demand occupation list of Manitoba and also prove/demonstrate skills to build strong labour connections there. The Job offer should be approved by the LMIA.

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