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Australia is one of the most beautiful island countries of the world. It is one of those exotic countries where we can experience the contrasting climate in comparison to the northern hemisphere. Laying in the southern hemisphere, this country provides enough adventures for an enthusiastic explorer.

Australia has a strong economy with good political governance. The country has mostly been a peaceful nation. The country invites many individuals to the country to fill their job vacancies. Apart from that, the country also a unique set of universities which provide world class advanced education in contemporary subjects. Students in Australia have an upper hand as they get to enjoy the climate in Australia apart from getting access to world class education.

Innovation, creativity and independent thinking are few attributes that the Australian Universities try to inculcate into their students while studying in their universities. International students can experience a unique, fun and challenging education system in Australia along from it being quite rewarding experience.

Top 5 Study Programs in Australia
  • i. Graduate Certificate in Asset and Maintenance Management
  • ii. Master of Social Sciences
  • iii. Medicine
  • iv. Business Administration
  • v. Masters in cyber Security
Major Intake Period

Australian universities accept students either in February or July.

Cost of Education

The tuition fees varies from AUD 10,000 to AUD 30,000 depending on the course choice.

Duration of course
  • Undergraduate Program – 3 to 4years
  • Post Graduate Program- 2 years
  • Masters in Research – a minimum of 2 years.
Study Benefits
  • 1. High quality education can be procured in Australia aided by world classes educators
  • 2. Less expensive in comparison to US and UK with equal levels of education standards
  • 3. Worldwide opportunities crop up with the certifications from Australian universities
  • 4. Most universities in Australia are worldwide recognized for their quality and standards maintained
  • 5. The Government provides ample support to the international student communities
  • 6. Scholarships are available from reputed sources in Australia to ensure unhindered education
  • 7. Research opportunities in Australia are many, through which one can reach out for the best knowledge possible.
  • 8. Access to modern technology and innovative learning experiences
Education in Australia
  • Education in Australia provides top notch education to International Students.
  • Every university in Australia, provides wide range of courses. These courses include conventional type of exploration in the area, traditional study methodology and also practical approach.
  • Research is part and parcel of the education system there along with practical application of the learning.
Popular Universities
  • 1. University of New South Wales
  • 2. University of Queensland
  • 3. Monash University
  • 4. University of Western Australia
  • 5. University of Adelaide
Admission Procedure
    Step 1- Choose the course you would want to study in Australia Step 2- Decide on the universities/institutions offering the course you would want to study Step 3- Submit your application ensuring you have followed all the requirements for the same. Step 4- Your application should also have the supporting documents required Step 5- Receive a letter of confirmation from the Universities Step 6- Apply for the best university possible along with payments Step 7- Receive a letter of enrollment from the University Step 8- Apply for your Study Visa. Step 9- Plan your journey
Required Tests

1. IELTS/TOFEL/PTE for language proficiency is a mandatory test to be taken

Accommodation Facilities

Accommodation facilities are provided by all Universities on their campus.

There are off campus accommodation facilities available like flats/rooms/homestays options based on sharing

Most times, students can avail information from the student help center of the university about the best suitable accommodation based on their budget.

Cost of Education
Program Tuition Fees per Annum Living Expenses per annum
Diploma AUD 12000 -18000 Around AUD 8000
Under Graduate Program AUD 15000 -45000 Around AUD 8000 -15,000
Graduation/Masters Program AUD 20,000 - 80,000 Around AUD 8000 -15,000
Work Prospects

International students in Australia can work for upto 40 hours in 2 weeks’ time during ongoing study sessions. However, students can work full time during vacations.

Australian university students are given first priority to fill in the job openings in any company across Australia.

Residency Permit

Once the students complete their courses in the Universities, they will have to then obtain their residency permit suitable for them.

Studying Abroad is the best of the opportunity that any student will ever receive. It will help you gain a lot of experience and also improve your communication as well as other academic skills. Once you decide to study abroad, a lot of career opportunities open for you giving you a lifetime experience. This will help you to choose the best of the jobs for you, allowing you to lead a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

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