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Moldova is the latest country which has joined the list of countries offering citizenship on investment. Moldova is an Eastern European country and was earlier part of the Soviet Union Republic. The country is surrounded by land on all sides. The country has had huge tracts of agricultural lands. Moldova is currently a steady growing economy although it went through many ups and downs during the past century. It got its names due to River Moldova. The valley of River Moldova has significant importance in the history of Moldova.

Moldova’s economy is defined by its fine winery, agriculture and growing industries. It provides good business infrastructure for all those who would want to invest here.

Area Population Currency Capital Languages Spoken

33,846 sq kms


Leu (MDL)



Moldavian citizenship by Investment Program

The program was launched in the year 2018. It was developed by the Government of Moldova in partnership with Moldovan Investment Company. XIPHIAS Immigration is one of those rare immigration firms who can help you relocate to Moldova. We have a strong team of international immigration experts who can help your dream of relocating a reality.

Benefits of Moldavian citizenship

  • Travel visa free to 119 destinations across the globe. These destinations include Turkey, Russia, and Schengen Union.
  • Access to local culture
  • Adventures and holidays in beautiful landscapes of Moldova
  • A reasonably easy and efficient Investment process
  • Passport obtained within 2 weeks of clearance of citizenship
  • Citizenship and Passport for the whole of the family of the applicant
  • The future generations will get their citizenship through naturalization
  • Moldova has applied to become part of the European Union and in all likelihood could become one soon.
  • This citizenship is definitely one of the most competitive citizenship programs across Europe.
  • The Country is strategically located providing easy access to Europe, Asia and Russia.

Qualifications for Moldavian Citizenship application

  • The main applicant should be 18 years and above
  • The applicant, if single will have to contribute a minimum of EUR 100,000 in a single go towards Public Investment Fund (PIF)
  • All applicants along with their families will have to go through a thorough background checks
  • Every applicant will have to prove their legal net worth both personal and business.
  • Every applicant will have to have a healthy background; free from any criminal record, financial frauds, malpractices.
  • Each applicant will have to prove that they are in no way a threat to the Republic of Moldova.

There will be 4 levels of verification. First level of Verification will be carried out by Global Diligence companies while the last level will be done by Interpol or by such reputed organizations appointed for the purpose by the MCIB group.

XIPHIAS Immigration will provide you with every assistance required to help you acquire this citizenship. We are a group of knowledgeable international immigration experts ready to serve you achieve your dreamland.

XIPHIAS Immigration shall aid you in clearing every hurdle in your way to obtain your second passport through Moldova's Citizenship By Investment Program with help of our international immigration experts team.

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