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The importance of maintaining and updating your Sponsor Licence is paramount. The need to maintain and uphold correct HR procedures and systems is a necessity to avoid the potential consequences of failing to do so can be severe and damaging to your business.

XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt Ltd Immigration have a simple approach to what is an ever changing set of rules and requirements.

The main reasons for failure to properly maintain and update a Sponsor Management System are:

  • Lack of the required knowledge and skill sets within the business.
  • Lack of a specified Individual to take responsibility for this important responsibility.
  • Failure to ensure that key areas such as Visa expiry dates, changes of status, changed terms of employment or work location for Migrant staff or proposed changes to your business structure are identified, checked and updated when necessary and within the required timescale

Training staff is an option that our expert team at XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt Ltd can provide in addition to adhoc support or an agreed Maintenance package tailored to your requirements.

We can be appointed as Representatives on your Sponsor Licence and can have one of our In – House Solicitors added as a Level 1 or level 2 User to allow us to assist you in both advising you as to what you require to do and when or even to update for you.

This also allows you access to telephone and email support with any questions you may have with regards to your Sponsor Licence or Migrant Staff and we encourage our Clients to avail themselves of this facility.

It is important to understand that although we can provide support and assistance, we depend on you to understand the importance of communicating anything to us which has a bearing on your Migrant Staff and your Sponsor Licence.

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