New Zealand Business Investor visa

Lying in the Southern Hemisphere, this sovereign country is made up of 2 main landmasses, the northern and southern island, surrounded by many smaller islands. With a population of less than 50 lakhs spread across an area of 268,000 sq kms, this country is known for the adventurous sides of its population. New Zealand has a stable government and strong growing economy.

New Zealand has multiple pathways to help individuals migrate to New Zealand.

  • Entrepreneur Work Visa Program & Entrepreneur Residence Visa
  • Migrant Investor Category
  • Employee of a Relocating business

1. The Entrepreneur Work Visa Program

To aid innovative thinkers to run their business or invest in the country New Zealand introduced, New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa Program.

As per this program, you will be first moving to New Zealand following which you will get to invest/purchase a running business there or start your own business. Over a period of time, if you ensure to comply with the regulations in New Zealand, you become eligible for residency permit in New Zealand.

  • Investment Requirement – a minimum capital of NZ $100,000. Does not include your working capital.
  • Factor scaling points- should obtain a minimum of 120 points in the factors which would directly relate to the success of your business plan in New Zealand. Below are mentioned few factors, that can aid you in building your profile as required
    • Specific proposed business plan
    • Provide documents supporting your claim of no insolvencies filed by you or your family or business partners during the past 15 years.
    • Provide documents supporting your claim of running clean business with non-fraudulent practices
    • Provide documents supporting your health
    • Provide a certificate from local Police mentioning your clean character (no criminal records)
    • Achieve the English language bench mark as required.

While Entrepreneur Work Visa is valid for 3 years of time, if compliance goes smooth, you would be eligible for permanent residency there. This Visa is approved in 2 stages – the start-up stage and the balance-stage.

During the Start-up Stage, your will get your Entrepreneur Visa Approved for a period of 12 months, during which you need to set up your business in New Zealand and get it running.

The Balancing stage is for a period of 24 months. This stage of Visa will be approved, only when satisfactory supporting documents relevant to your business showing the steps taken to establish are shown. These includes statements like certificate of incorporation, property purchase/leased

documents, invoices relating to purchases towards the implementation of business etc. The documents should also show evidence of building of equipment required.

The applicant must be 100% involved in the running of the business. It would be helpful, if the applicant has enough experience in senior management.

Such applicants who have successfully implemented and utilized this work visa become eligible for Entrepreneur Residence Visa. Such business should have significantly helped New Zealand and should have provided employment for its local population.

2. Migrant Investor Visa program

This category has 2 pathways. The INVESTOR PLUS pathway and INVESTOR pathway.

Both of the pathways will ensure you to obtain Residency in New Zealand, if you comply with the rules of the programs.

The Investor Plus pathway requires that you invest a minimum of NZ $10 million which needs to be maintained for a minimum of 3 years. During the 3 years of maintenance, it is required that you live in New Zealand for a period not less than 44 days in every year of the last 2 years. Irrespective, you need to submit documents supporting your character and your health. You need to achieve the language proficiency as needed.

The Investor pathway requires that you be below 65 years of age, with a minimum business experience of 3 years. You will need to invest NZ $1.5 million in New Zealand which needs to be maintained for 4 years. You should have a backup of additional NZ$ 1 million. During the 4 year investment period, you will have to live in New Zealand for a period not less than 146 days every year in the last 4 years.

3. Employee of a Relocating Business

This category of immigration was introduced to help business relocate or open a branch in New Zealand. This category helps the management representative obtain residence in New Zealand to do the proceedings as would be required.

Such an applicant should be a key personnel in the business. He/she should provide documents supporting his/her health and character. The applicant needs to fulfil the language requirements. Such an applicant should not have been qualified or applied for other residence programs.

How XIPHIAS Immigration can help you migrate to New Zealand

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