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The locals in Quebec, call the province as “la belle province”, which means “beautiful province”. French is the official language of Quebec. It is the largest province of Canada. Quebec is covered by continuous hills and many waterways. These water bodies are mostly fresh water springs and lakes. It is also termed as the Europe of North America.

Quebec invites immigrants to participate towards the development of the province through its Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

Aspirant immigrant will have to first submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) into the Quebec portal MIDI. It’s the immigration ministry of Quebec. The whole process would take 12 months to complete.

This program doesn’t need, immigrants to have any kind of job offer neither does it have any list of in-demand occupations.

However, Quebec values its culture more and the applicant needs to qualify under few such unique categories which are based on its culture.

This system is independent of the Express Entry System

The Process

i. Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) through Quebec’s portal ARIMA.

ii. Once it gets processed, the application would enter into the profile pool.

iii. Such profiles will be given a score and a rank based on the score.

iv. To qualify one needs to obtain a minimum of 50 points if single and 59, if applying along with spouse. The factors which single out the points are the age, education, area of domain, experience, family connection in Quebec and the number of children who would need a financial back up.

v. Once this stage is covered, the applicant receives the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) from the province.

vi. With the help of CSQ, the applicant can then proceed to apply for PR with the Canadian Federal Government.

Qualification for applying

  • Age- 18 years plus
  • Language Proficiency – French required
  • Other factors as mentioned above.
  • Education will be awarded 2 points
  • You need to prove that you would be able to be economically self-sufficient without having to depend on the public funds. You would be awarded one point for the same.

Please Note

a) A Quebec work experience or a job offer could add more points to the applicant’s overall score. However, these two factors are not compulsory to be adhered to.

b) Your spouse and the number of children will add points and thus increase the score.

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