Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

St. Lucia, an island and a sovereign nation, located in the Caribbean Sea, has been inviting foreign direct investments into the country through their Citizenship by Investment Program since December 2015. Such direct funds obtained would be utilized for various projects undertaken by the Government for the betterment of St. Lucia. High-net worth individuals can invest either in the country’s National Economic fund or in Real Estate or in the Government Bonds.

St. Lucia is the latest country which started their CIB program. St. Lucia is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, Caribbean Community and Organization of Eastern Caribbean states.

St. Lucia’s Capital is Castries which is also the biggest city in St. Lucia. English is the official language here. The population here is a mix of local Africans, Indians and other ethnic groups. The total area of St. Lucia is 617 square kilometers. It has glimpses all around it showing UK’s rule over the country. Currently the country has a steady economy with stable Political system.

To qualify for the program

i. Investment Policy

1. For National Economic fund,

  • - If You are applying alone the minimum investment is $100,000
  • - If you are applying as a couple the minimum investment is $165,000
  • - If you are applying as a 4 member family, then the investment is $190,000

2. For investment in real estate, the minimum investment required is $300,000.

ii. You need to provide a certificate from local authorities showing zero criminal records

iii. A medical certificate confirming your sound health should be provided

iv. Government Fees needs to be addressed

You will get your passport within 3 months of application.
You don’t have to pay taxes for any kind of income you earn in any part of the world.
At any given point of time, you don’t have to reside in the country.
A complete discretion would be maintained about your status.


  • Prepare your application and submit your documents- 1 month time frame will be provided to fulfill the requirements. Agreements and acceptance of the program you would invest in.
  • A 3 month Review time will be there, during which the government of St. Lucia does all the background checks
  • Post the 3 months, you will be given a month’s time, to provide any further documents as required by the program. Also, during this period, you will have to make the remaining payment to adhere to the compliance.
  • Post it, you get your citizenship.

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617 km²




English (official), French patois


Eastern Caribbean dollar EC$


Eastern Caribbean Time Zone UTC-04.00


100 incl. EU Schengen Zone, UK and Hong Kong


Martinique, 81.5 km

Legal Basis

Following the Citizenship by Investment Act No. 14, this Investment Programme commenced in December 2015, which enables individuals and families to acquire St Lucian Citizenship upon making a qualifying investment.


  • Quick Process within 3 Months
  • Family Members are included
  • No Tax on Worldwide Income
  • No Residence Requirement
  • No Physical Presence Required
  • No Interview Required
  • More than 100 Visa-Free Destinations including the Schengen Zone, UK and Hong Kong


  • Main Applicant in Good Standing
  • Clean Health Record
  • Settle Government Application Fees
  • Minimum Contribution of US$ 100,000 or Minimum Investment of US$ 300,000

Process & Timeline

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