Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by Investment Programme in Saint Lucia

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme offers a range of options in terms of investment in exchange for a St Lucia passport that provides access to over 100 visa-free countries including Schengen area, UK and Hong Kong. The offered options for investment are St Lucia’s National Economic Fund, investment on Real estate, or in Government bonds. The most unique feature of St Lucia Programme is that it does not impose any residency requirements which means neither interview is required nor the person is required to be in St Lucia at any point.

The Commonwealth of Nations, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), and the International Organization of La Francophonie are the members of Island.

St Lucia is counted among the latest Caribbean countries that has introduced the Citizenship by Investment Programme and offers range of financial options that serve as an exchange for a St Lucia Passport with access to more than 100 visa-free countries.





617 km²




English (official), French patois


Eastern Caribbean dollar EC$


Eastern Caribbean Time Zone UTC-04.00


100 incl. EU Schengen Zone, UK and Hong Kong


Martinique, 81.5 km

Legal Basis

Following the Citizenship by Investment Act No. 14, this Investment Programme commenced in December 2015, which enables individuals and families to acquire St Lucian Citizenship upon making a qualifying investment.


  • Quick Process within 3 Months
  • Family Members are included
  • No Tax on Worldwide Income
  • No Residence Requirement
  • No Physical Presence Required
  • No Interview Required
  • More than 100 Visa-Free Destinations including the Schengen Zone, UK and Hong Kong


  • Main Applicant in Good Standing
  • Clean Health Record
  • Settle Government Application Fees
  • Minimum Contribution of US$ 100,000 or Minimum Investment of US$ 300,000

Process & Timeline

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