Portugal Golden Visa Program

Portugal is one of the top European countries inviting foreign direct investments into the country since 2012 with an aim to improve their economic conditions. Portugal has awarded its residency visa to more than 10,000 applicants under different investment categories some of whom have gone ahead to achieve Portugal citizenship.

Portugal has a rich culture and heritage which it aims to protect, while taking a futuristic approach to embrace modern financial and cultural changes. In a bid to fortify its endeavours, Portugal started numerous investment immigration opportunities for citizens outside European union thus pulling in the required investments. While a lot of Portugal’s plans have fallen in place, to strengthen further, it has come up with strategies to diversify funds into low-density areas of the country starting 2022.





92,212 km2



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Western European Time Zone UTC +00:00

26 Schengen Countries

Legal Basis

Government of Portugal passed the Act in 2012, as Article 90A (Residence Permit for Investment Purposes - Golden Visa) which came into force on 8th October 2012 to enable third country nationals obtain residency permit in Portugal to conduct business


  • Affordable investment opportunity to get access into European markets
  • Successful investors become European residents and not just restricted to Portugal
  • Visa free travel to Schengen area
  • Access to world class health care and education
  • Clearance of first step towards gaining Portugal citizenship
  • For the program, the spouse of the main applicant, their children under 26 years of age and dependent parents could apply.


  • Nationals of other European countries which are not part of the European Union
  • Third Country Nationals
  • Spouse of the investor as co-applicant
  • Children under the age of 18 years can be co-applicants
  • Dependant parents of either of the spouse who are 55 and above can apply.
  • Applicant should be able to prove their source of income.

Process & Timeline

Investment Opportunities

Portugal has defined multiple investment opportunities with the minimalist investment starting at €250,000. The below is the list-

  • Capital Transfer of €1.5 million into a bank in Portugal.
  • Creating 10 full time Job opportunities within a Portuguese business in the form of a single -member limited company if investing in high-density area or creating 8 such job opportunities if investing in a low-density area.
  • Investing a minimum of €500,000 in residential Real estate in interior parts of Portugal or investing €350,000 if investing in low-density areas.
  • Investing a minimum of €350,000 to rehabilitate residential real estate which are more than 30 years old if the property is in interior parts of Portugal. If the investment is in low-density area, then the minimum investment value will be €280,000 or 20% less.
  • Investing a minimum of €500,000 in commercial real estate in any part of Portugal. If the investment is made in a low-density area, then the value of investment will be reduced by 20%
  • Investing a minimum of €350,000 in touristic or commercial real estate which are more than 30 years old and which require rehabilitation if investing in interiors of Portugal. If investing in low-density areas, then the value of investment will be reduced by 20%
  • Investing a minimum of €250,000 for protection and conservation of national heritage, arts and culture of Portugal.
  • Investing a minimum of €500,000 in scientific research and development conducted by accredited institutions.
  • Investing a minimum of €500,000 in an existing business or a new business which creates 5 full time permanent job opportunities, which is maintained for a at least 3 years.
  • Investment of minimum of €500,000 in private equity funds.

Note – The above-mentioned investment values will be in force starting January 1st, 2022.

More about Portugal Residency Program –

  • The residency visa is valid for 2 years
  • The investor can choose to renew his residency visa every two years.
  • At the end of 5th year, the resident can apply for citizenship if he qualifies for the same.

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