Germany Entrepreneurial Residency Program

Germany is one European country whose economy has never been impacted by the world economic adversaries. This country is famous as being the automobile hub of the world while also being one of its kind to have safeguarded its forest land. Germany has many hues to it. Its transportation facilities are one of its kind. The living conditions in Germany is world class. It’s the first country in the world to have been official teaching Sanskrit in its educational institutions. Germany also offers, free university education irrespective of the origin of the students. It’s the most influential countries in the European Union.




Full Member Since 1958

357,376 km2

German, English



82.79 Million (2017)

Central European Time Zone (UTC+01:00)

3.23 Trillion (2017)

Legal Basis

Pursuant to the German law, foreign nationals may be granted German residency under Section 21 of the German Residence Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz, AufenthG). The entrepreneur will receive a three-year temporary residence permit upon their engagement, which is then converted into permanent residence in year four. Residency is extended to spouse and children who are under the age of 18.


  • Program covers the whole family (spouse, children under 18)
  • Free education in schools and universities (including English courses)
  • Seek exposure to the largest and most stable economy in Europe
  • Freedom to travel within across 26 countries of the Schengen Zone
  • Low entry investment in German real estate
  • High rental yields, with property prices rising on a yearly basis.
  • No requirement for management experience or education credentials
  • Eligible for citizenship after 8th year of residence


  • Engage in entrepreneurial activity in Germany
  • German health insurance
  • Residential address in Germany

Process & Timeline


  • Main applicant and family members apply for the program by depositing a re-fundable down payment
  • Legal counsel will initiate the residency process


  • Pre-approval will be issued by the local German authorities
  • Pre-approval will be sent to the respective German embassy in the applicants' country of origin
  • Legal counsel opens an escrow account under the applicants' name
  • Applicant transfers the remaining balance to the escrow account within 14 days after receiving the pre-approval


  • Applicant and family members apply for the D-Visa at their local German embassy - valid for 90 days


  • Issuance of D-Visa (valid for 90 days)
  • Applicants travel to Germany within 90 days and complete the residency application process with the local authorities

Investors interested to invest and migrate to Germany, need to invest a minimum of Euro 250,000 and a further Euro 100,000 in a business in Germany. The main applicant will have to rent a property in Germany. Such invest would procure the country’s Residency Permit.

Such interested aspirants will have to engage in Entrepreneurial activity in Germany and should have a residential address. The applicant should also have a valid German medical insurance.

Germany has a lot of pluses. The investor will get to live in Germany. The exposure itself is a great learning.

The applicant is free to travel across 26 countries in the Schangen Area visa free.

Investment in Germany’s real estate is always a growing asset.

The investor need not travel to Germany at any given period of time.

Germany’s education system is world class.

Germany’s living conditions are one of its kind.

After 8 years of holding on to the Residency permit in Germany, one becomes eligible to apply for citizenship.

  • The applicant makes a payment of re-fundable fees
  • You will get a pre-approval from the German authorities which will be sent to the German authorities (German Embassy) in the country of the applicant’s origin.
  • An escrow account will be opened in the applicant’s name
  • During the next 14 days, the applicant will have to transfer the rest of the amount to the escrow account.
  • You need to obtain the D-Visa from the local German Embassy which would be valid for 90 days only
  • The applicant along with his family will have to travel to Germany to complete the rest of the procedures before obtaining the residency permit.

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