Many people are drawn to New Zealand by its rugged beauty and cool climate. Those who do visit this beautiful country decide they would like to stay for the long time. New Zealand is on the lookout for people from overseas with skill sets and expertise. If you would like to stay in New Zealand and find employment there, XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION will help you with the whole process and experts in immigration to New Zealand, we help you to make your move a successful one.

With a range of different visa types available, you may be unsure of which visa you can apply for and we can provide expert advice on a range of visa options. If you are planning to stay long term or permanent Resident. XIPHIAS immigration can assist with your visa application.

Benefits of New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand immigration department applies a strict set of rules against each application which are aimed at encouraging gain for New Zealand while protecting this country from loss.

For this system to work, it must provide a greater benefit of Immigrating to New Zealand. The latest government research provided in its International Migration Outlook for 2009/10 confirmed that for 2005/06 (the last time gain was fully calculated by government) immigration delivered $8.1 billion into the New Zealand economy that year.

The report confirms that while the New Zealand population of 3.1 million people had contributed $2.83 billion to the economy that year the migrant population of 927, had contributed a much greater $3.28 billion.

This confirms that the immigration system, which has not significantly changed since 2006, is working extremely well in providing New Zealand with people who continue throughout their lives to contribute to the economy rather than a mass, who claim benefits and drain the system.

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