The New Brunswick’s Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

New Brunswick is one of the 4 Atlantic Provinces on the east coast of Canada. It is the only bilingual province of Canada. It lies within the Appalachian Mountain range. This province has higher rural population.

With right mix of skills and experience, immigrants targeting NB may receive New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Certificate through NBPNP. Once having received the certificate, the candidate can go ahead and apply for his Permanent Residence.

Below are few of the pathways through which one of can apply for the NBPNP

Express Entry Labour Market Stream

With this stream, NBPNP utilizes the Express Entry system to filter down profiles required for the province. The profiles are shortlisted based on the current labour market requirements and their local demographic needs. The process follows the Express Entry System Process.

Qualified skilled workers who can demonstrate a strong connection to the province through family or friends, or show New Brunswick work Experience, or has New Brunswick Invitation, and who has a minimum score of 60 points according to five eligibility factors:

  • age
  • language proficiency
  • work experience
  • education and
  • adaptability

are eligible to receive NBPNP. Notifications are given for the applicants who is meeting the EOI (Expression of interest) scores.

Skilled Workers With Family Support

To qualify to apply through this stream, the applicant needs to have a job offer from an employee or organization based in New Brunswick province. It should be a full time Permanent Job.

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