Australia Business Investment Visa

Australia, the beautiful island country is supported by a strong growing economy. The economy of Australia is dominated by services sectors which include tourism, banking system, real estate, education, retail, recreation, media, and supply necessities among others. 61% of its economy is made up of this sector. Australia is also rich in natural resources and takes the 8th position in the world for natural resources in the country. It has also had the record of being the country with uninterrupted GDP growth. Australia has been welcoming immigrants into the country to fill in their vacancies in various fields and to expand their business prospects by investing in the markets and real estate of the country.

Interested investors have varied investment options at their behest to choose to invest and relocate to Australia.

132B Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream

Immigrants interested to invest in a running business or a start-up in Australia can utilize this stream. This is a permanent visa program.

Under this program, the aspirant immigrant needs to obtain acceptance for venture capital funding from a member of Australian Investment Council. The aspirant needs to raise a minimum of 1 million AUD as Venture Capital Fund from the AIC.

Once you get the Venture Capital funding done, you need to apply for a nomination from Australian State or territory Government.

Followed by such nomination, one can go ahead and apply for your Permanent Residency Permit in Australia.

The aspirant applicant needs to commit for the cause of business he/she wants to take up in Australia. The applicant needs to commit to involve in the day to day working of the running of the business along with making a commitment of investment in the business.

The applicant will have to provide documents proving English language proficiency (IELTS or equivalent tests results as mentioned by the Australian Immigration Council)

The applicant will also have to provide medical certificate from a physician to prove his medical history and character certificate from local police station mentioning his tangibility in the society with zero criminal records.

188 Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) VISA

There are different pathways under this VISA Program. This requires the applicant to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Skill Select Portal. Such profiles submitted will get nominated by the State or Territory Government Agency or Austrade based on the required qualification under each stream mentioned below. Once the applicant gets nominated, he/she gets an invitation to apply for their Provisional Visa. This is a Provisional Visa program. However, if the applicant complies with the rules under this program, he/she becomes qualified to apply for Permanent Residence Permit through

Sub Class 888 (The Business Innovation and Investment Permanent VISA Program)


To be eligible under this program, the applicant will have to

  • Obtain a minimum of 65 points in the points based test
  • Documents supporting the applicants’ business history and successes
  • The applicant should have a personal net worth of AUD 800,000

With this VISA one can operate a running or a start-up business.

Through this Visa the applicant can relocate his/her immediate qualifying family along with self.

The applicant, qualifies to apply for the Permanent Residence Permit through SubClass 888.

With this provisional visa, the applicant can live in Australia for 4 years and 3 months


To be eligible under this program, the applicant will have to

  • Invest a minimum of AUD 1.5 million in either real estate or business in Australia
  • Prove your personal and business net worth of a minimum of AUD 2.25 millions
  • Obtain a score of 65 and above in the points test.

With this visa the applicant can invest in real estate of Australia or invest in a running business or a start-up.

Eligible family members can accompany the applicant.

You can apply for Permanent Residency through Sub Class 888.

The applicant can live for 4 years and 3 months in Australia with this Visa.


To be eligible under this program, the applicant will have to

  • Invest a minimum of AUD 5 millions in Australian Investments which should be held by the applicant for a minimum of 4 years of time.
  • You should get an invitation to apply for the VISA after getting a nomination from the state or territory.
  • You should have a genuine intention to relocate to the territory

With this VISA, you could live in Australia for a minimum of 4 years and 3 months.

You can make investments in any part of Australia depending on your interests.

You can apply for Permanent Resident Permit through the Sub Class 888.


This stream is for those investors who would want to extend their stay for another 2 years of time. This is an extension to the Business Innovation Stream.

To qualify under this stream

• You must have the Business Innovation Stream VISA


This stream is for those investors who would want to extend their stay in Australia for another 4 years of time. This is an extension for the Significant Innovation Stream Program.

To qualify for this stream

• The applicant should hold the Significant Innovation Stream Visa


Under this, applicants must be prepared to invest a minimum of AUD 15 million and they should be nominated by the AUSTRADE.

They will have to invest either in business or need to make Philanthropic contributions.

To be eligible under this stream

  • You need to invest a minimum of 15 million AUD
  • You must be nominated by the AUSTRADE
  • You must get an invitation to apply
  • You should have the intention to hold on to the investment for the complete period of this VISA.
  • You should have a minimum net worth of AUD 15 million.
  • Provide documents to prove you have never involved in unscrupulous business activity in the past
  • Provide medical certificate
  • Provide character certificate
  • Provide test result proof about your English Language caliber

With this VISA

  • You can bring your family here
  • You qualify for applying for Permanent Residence Visa under Sub Class 888
  • You can carry on your business or investment plans in Australia

The period of this Visa is 4 years and 3 months. You can apply for an extension post this, or apply for PR under Sub class 888.


To be eligible under this program

  • You must have submitted your Expression of Interest.
  • If qualified, you must get a nomination from a state or territory
  • You must be under 55 years of age
  • Your entrepreneurial activity should be backed by a proper plan which should prove that it will comply with the regulations of Australian standards and boards.
  • You must get funding agreement for at least AUD200,000 from appropriate designated business house
  • Provide proof for your English language proficiency
  • Medical certificate
  • Character certificate

You can stay in Australia with this VISA program for 4years and 3 months.

You qualify to apply for Permanent Residence Permit under Sub Class 888.

You can bring your family members to Australia

You can carry out entrepreneurial activities in Australia.


  • This program is only for high net worth individuals who can prove their net worth and who are highly qualified individuals with bright innovative ideas to implement.
  • If the investor is invests a minimum of AUD 15 million he/she will receive their Permanent Residence permit with in a span of 12 months.
  • The applicant can bring his immediate family to Australia
  • The applicant qualifies to become a sponsorer to invite qualified individuals to relocate to Australia.
  • The applicants will have to get nominated by the Government of Australia only to qualify for this program, unless under certain regulations, AUSTRADE can provide nomination.

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