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Manitoba, the place that is inhabited by the aboriginals since thousands of years, is known for its beauty, its culture and its communities which believe in togetherness. This place is economically strong due to its great Natural resources. Winnipeg is the capital of this province. Agriculture, tourism are other industries which are part of the back bone of Manitoba’s economy. Investing in a business or a real estate or in the farmland of Manitoba is always a profit, both in the long run and short run.

The BIS or Business Investor Stream of Manitoba has been designed by the Government of the province to enable them choose right candidates to invest in Manitoba. They have come up with 2 streams

  • The Entrepreneur Pathway
  • The Farm Investor Pathway

Through the Entrepreneur Pathway stream, high net worth business enthusiasts can invest in Manitoba’s running business or a start-up. They can become part of a business as a partner or purchase the business wholly. This stream has replaced the earlier MPNP-B stream. However, the intention of MPNP-B is still working through this stream. This stream is still used for nominating and choosing the right candidate to invest in Manitoba.

  • A high-net worth individual with a minimum net-worth of CAD 500,000 and who can prove the source of the same are qualified under this stream.
  • Such high-net worth individuals will have to have a minimum of 3 years of business management experience during the 5 years before applying for the same.
  • They will have to have a minimum education equivalent to Canadian high school
  • Such qualified aspirants need to obtain/earn Canadian Language Benchmark of 5 and more.

Such aspirants should be in a position to invest a minimum of CAD 250,000 in Manitoba’s Capital region or a minimum of CAD 150,000 outside Manitoba’s Capital.

The aspirant will obtain the Canadian Permanent Residency permit when he/she and immediate family complete the process as is required by the Manitoba’s Entrepreneur Pathway stream.

The aspirant will have to visit the area where he would want to invest as part of the Business Research.

Once, all the documents are in place and approved, the aspirant will have to enter into an agreement known as the Business Performance Agreement. This is prior to obtaining of the Provincial nomination.

After having obtained the nomination, the applicant is qualified to apply for the PR with Canadian Federal Government.

Experienced farmers who would want to relocate to Canada can utilize the Farm Investor Pathway stream to obtain the Canadian PR and relocate to Canada. This pathway is otherwise known as the FIP. Such aspirants should also be knowledgeable and experienced enough in Agri-business too.

  • The FIP aspirants, need to show atleast CAD 500,000 as their minimum net worth.
  • Such aspirants, should be ready to take up agri-activities in rural Manitoba.
  • They should have a minimum of 3 years of farming experience as well as agri-business experience.
  • They should be able to invest a minimum of CAD 300,000 in rural farm land of Manitoba agri-business.

Such aspirants will have to do their research in rural Manitoba about the farming and its business first before proceeding. This is a requirement defined by this pathway.

Once all the proceedings go favorably well, the applicant will get the nomination from the province which could help him/her get the Canadian PR.

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