UK Global Talent Visa

The UK's new initiative to draw top talent to the nation is called the Global Visa. It has taken the place of the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa as of February 20, 2020. You can work in the UK for up to five years without a sponsor or a job offer if you have a Global Talent Visa for the UK and are a "leader or future leader" in the sectors of digital technology, arts, and academics.

For consideration in the Global Talent Visa process for entrance into the UK. The six government-approved endorsing organisations are Tech Nation, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society, The British Academy, Arts Council of England, and UK Research and Innovation. Applicants must seek endorsement from one of these organisations.

When reviewing your application, endorsers will take into account if you are: An Exceptional Talent—those who can demonstrate that they have made a significant contribution as leaders in their field—or An Exceptional Promise—newcomers to their industries who have already demonstrated the ability to become future leaders.





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$3.2 trillion

Legal Basis

UK Global Visa has replaced Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa as of February 20, 2020.


  • This UK Global talent Visa is a 5 year visa program and can renewed as required
  • This visa leads to LTR (leave to remain) Visa eligibility which leads to Citizenship in the country
  • You can change jobs without having to notify UK Home Office
  • You can work for any employer in the UK or you can be self-employed or be a director of any company there.
  • You can bring your family to the UK on this Visa – your spouse or legal partner and your children under the age of 18 years.


  • Education and a minimum of five years of job experience in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering, and the arts
  • An endorsement from UK Government designated organisations. For example, digital technologists are required to obtain a letter of support from the "Tech Nation".
  • Reference letters from the applicant's current and previous employment; three recommendation letters from the applicant's superiors (ideally on the business' letterhead).
  • Three dated letters of recommendation from three distinct, reputable organisations recognised as authorities in the field of digital technology.
  • At least 10 pieces of evidence pertinent to your area of expertise, such as letters of mentorship, letters of recommendation, job records, proof that you have launched a profitable technological business, and more.

Process & Timeline

Understanding the requirements for this visa's eligibility is the first step. If you are in compliance with all standards, submitting an application for endorsement to one of the authorised UK endorsement organisations will be the second step. Upon approval by the respective endorsement body based on your area of work. The third step would be to submit a visa application to the UK Home Office after receiving the endorsement letter.


  • The duration of the first stage of the procedure, which includes endorsement, ranges from two to four weeks. The "Endorsement Application" refers to this phase.


  • If your application for endorsement has been approved, the second stage of the application will start. After that, you can use GOV.UK to submit a visa application. At this step, immigration-related issues and grounds for rejection are taken into account.

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  • We help you with your application process in complete including helping you fill-out the application as would be required
  • We help you with evaluation of your profile to see what actions could be taken to help you with your migration to UK through this program

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