Australia Global Talent VISA (Subclass 858)

The Global Talent Independent (GTI) Program is a programme designed to attract skilled migrants to Australia in the most promising future-focused fields. For highly skilled individuals, the programme offers a streamlined path to permanent residency. The Global Australia Taskforce is providing you with specialised support to bring your talents to Australia if you are the best in your industry.

Steps to apply

1. Submit an expression of interest (EOI) with the help of XIPHIAS Processing Officers,
  If you meet the program parameters, you will receive a unique identifier.

2. Secure a nominator for you and inform your XIPHIAS Processing officer.

3. XIPHIAS Processing officer will apply for your visa via.

What happens when the 858 visa is granted?

You may be in or out of Australia at the time of filing and decision.

This is a permanent visa that allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely. This visa's travel privileges are valid for 5 years, after which you must apply for a new permanent residence visa to travel outside of Australia (if you have not been conferred Australian citizenship by then). If you are outside of Australia when the visa is granted, you and your family members must enter the country for the first time before your health and police clearances expire.

Our Services

We provide complete case management to assist you in obtaining your visa quickly and easily. We work on a fixed fee basis, and our services include initial eligibility assessment, strategic planning, review and advice on supporting evidence, application submission preparation, and liaison with the Department of Home Affairs until the decision is made.

# German Language Specialization Apply
1 Level-B1 Electrical Apply Now
2 Level-B1 Electronics Apply Now
3 Level-B1 Mechatronics Apply Now
4 Level-B1 Mechanical (Metal/Hydrolic/HVAC) Apply Now
5 Level-B1 Industrial Apply Now
6 Level-B1 Green/Sustainable Energy Apply Now
7 Level-B1 Information Technology (IT) Apply Now
8 Level-B1 Software Engineering Apply Now
9 Level-B1 Computer science Apply Now
10 Level-B1 Management Information Systems (MIS) Apply Now
11 Level-B1 Civil Engineering Apply Now
12 Level-B1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apply Now
13 Level-B1 Robotics Apply Now
14 Level-B1 Aerospace Engineering Apply Now
15 Level-B1 Hotel Management & Hospitality/Business Apply Now
16 Level-B1 Administration Apply Now
17 Level-B1 Chefs (Diploma Graduates) Apply Now
18 Level-B1 Finance & Banking (Diploma Graduates) Apply Now
19 Level-C1 Doctors Apply Now
20 Level-B2 Nurses (BSc/Diploma Indian outside India) Apply Now
21 Level-B2 Physio-Therapy Apply Now
22 Level-B2 X-Ray Technicians Apply Now
23 Level-B2 Lab Technolohists Apply Now
24 Level-B2 Dental Technicians Apply Now

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