New Zealand Study Student Visa

Choosing to study in New Zealand is one extensively lucid idea of enjoying studying. As New Zealand is a beautiful island country with amazing adventure sport activities all across. Most universities in New Zealand, are famous for their standards of education offered along with the numerous variety of learning fields. The courses offered by these universities can be tailor made for the requirement of the students which helps enhance their career opportunities and their knowledge.

New Zealand has been also the hub for many movies to be shot here. The topography of the country is conducive for one to study, work and enjoy the life in New Zealand. The country provides opportunities for students educated in local universities a tad more than the other immigrants.

Top 5 Programs in New Zealand
Business Engineering Tourism Hospitality Management Information Technology

The Program
Intakes into the Program February / July
Course Duration Under graduate Program 2-3 years
Post Graduate Program 1-2 years
Cost of Education NZD 14,000 – 23,000

Why Study in New Zealand – (Study Benefits section)

New Zealand helps you find a new definition for the word ‘Tranquility’. Every nook and corner of New Zealand is mesmerizing. Every mountain has something unique to offer to its visitors there. It’s always play and learn together in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s universities offer quality world class education for its students and the certificates earned in these universities are recognized worldwide. The knowledge is top class.

New Zealand boosts of top universities which are recognized across the globe.

Enjoy while you study in New Zealand.

Easy Fee structures, with available job opportunities to cover your education cost and many options make New Zealand a good destination to study, work and play around.

Education Policies in New Zealand- (Education benefits section)

Most schools and universities of New Zealand are autonomous bodies with minimal influence from the Government. The Government’s role in the education has been restricted to being a support pillar for the education leaders, teachers and education providers. However, the Government sets up annual objectives for the schools and universities.

Most schools are Government Funded. The fee structure for 18+ is well balanced keeping in view the needs of the students.

The Education system follows certificate to PHd awards for the participants. Each degree is provided based on the individual’s knowledge, its practical application, the research done and related documentation.

Top 5 Universities in New Zealand
The Program
Name of the University Location Courses offered Clubs Notes
University of Otego Dunedin Pre-Med (health Sciences), Humanities, Business 150+ student run clubs in the campus Student city of New Zealand
University of Auckland Auckland Civil engineering, psychology, accounting, finance, education Research oriented clubs Rangitoto, the youngest volcano is seen from the univ
University of Canterbury Christchurch Offers 70 different courses 200+clubs with 12,000+ students Presides along the Avon river
Victoria university of Wellington Wellington Architecture, Bio medics, Arts, Commerce, Communications etc Many student run clubs City of Art Galleries in a valley
Auckland University of Technology(AUT) Auckland All Engineering courses Most Engineering student clubs in New Zealand have their birth here AUT was founded in 1895 and is the university for “Changing the world.”

Admission Requirements

Most universities have defined their own set of criteria for the students to get admitted into their universities. However, the below are few common mandatory requirements to be fulfilled by the applicant student-

  • 1. Provide your academic records
  • 2. Should be able to reach the Language benchmark set by the Education board
  • 3. Provide your medical and criminal background history
  • 4. Submit application along with a copy of an essay/a statement which outlines the kind of research work you are interested in and you have taken up or about a project you were involved in.
  • 5. The application should also mention two academic references from your previous education institutes and a copy of the thesis/project documentation (not required for all universities)

Once you satisfy the requirements of the university a letter of confirmation will be sent to you through email with help of which you can proceed to apply for your VISA.

Required Tests

IELTS or equivalent Tests accepted in the New Zealand Universities

Accommodation Facilities
  • On Campus
  • In rooms/dorms/rentable rooms within the vicinity of the University
  • Rentable rooms/shared rooms in apartments or houses
Cost of Education

Each university has their own requirement and the cost varies accordingly.

However the minimum fees for

  • post graduate program is NZD 19,000 per annum
  • under graduate program is NZD 18,000 per annum
  • Diploma courses is NZD 14,000 per annum
Work Prospects

International Students can work for 20 hours per week during university time and can work full time during vacations.

Such jobs needs not be in tandem with his/her current coursing being pursued.

Permanent Residency

International Students after their studies will have to apply for their work visa.
Post that, they need to follow the PR program process as is defined for international skilled professionals.
However, their job prospects in New Zealand is high due to their educational background.

XIPHIAS Immigration through its Study Abroad program helps students reach out to the universities in New Zealand to help them up their knowledge, skill and their job prospects. We ensure to fulfill your dreams to relocate.

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