Refund Policy

The webpage declare standard informations pertaining towards the refund of paid services with XIPHIAS Immigration and it voids until not found on our database as our client of any form signed retainer agreement to buy our services or collaborate on clear and strong consideration by designated associated immigration lawyers, solicitors and top management. Any form of user outside the mentioned clause hence will not be considered. The mere sake to include the refund policy at XIPHIAS Immigration website is to exemplify the kind of regulation and obligation we follow for old and existing clients of every nature.

An associate, partner, client of any form or consultant is subjected to continue new contract of engagement (COE) in favour to nature of consideration, business holding, regulation changed in any form accepted and noted offline or online as form of acceptance between parties which must include XIPHIAS Immigration to take final decision after the new clause upgrade or change with old, new or forthcoming policies. The terms and conditions as well as refund policy of such type at agreed and formulated agreement with XIPHIAS Immigration thereby use of the services or delivery of services at any form or in any country will mandate the the final decision of the company XIPHIAS Immigration and solely finalised on all hearing at prime authority and autonomy of XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt. Ltd.

As the policy, obligation, legal terms and condition is always favor with XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt. Ltd. and can be changed with the current or ongoing engagement pact and contact. The overall contract of engagement can not be expected to be same for all parties of any form and must be formally requested for draft copy by guest, reader or user to the company XIPHIAS Immigration may be called contact of engagement (COE) that attire an Annexure of refund policy which will be relevant at form condition and situation with the party. The final evaluation of the decided COE and refund policy with old new or any changes to it will then settle on fee in favour of XIPHIAS Immigration Private Limited.

XIPHIAS Immigration and associated visa office will abide to share informations, services and papers of all nature as per the agreed contract with the client. The involvement of guidance and sharing the information is only limited with the clauses and agreement agreed. If the the informations and related supporting documents are furnished to be incorrect of any nature and not similar at the pact of acceptance of the agreement, the service informations and legal guidance will be void. The said situation may include the non acceptance by the concerned immigration bodies and thus take no responsibility at any kind to define the outcome at the agreed contract. This will be declared as lawful offence and if so discovered at any stage, time situation by any deciding authorities or immigration consultancy will result in immediate termination of the contract, withdrawal of the agreed and promised services and no refund will be entertained in any manner wither paid to the company, government or any authority. The accepted agreement will though live only with the refund policy mentioned with the agreed agreement between the parties of any form with XIPHIAS Immigration private limited.

XIPHIAS Immigration private limited is only limited to help the client on sharing the information relevant with clients profile of any form as disclosed at the agreement in matter inclusive with the processing and representing for emigration. This will be calculated and initiated on phases and stages as per the mutual agreement.

Any government change in policy of any form or termination of program at any point of time during the process if resulting against any client selection criteria, change in points or forbidding the related party associated with the main client has no control by the immigration consultancy. XIPHIAS Immigration will be remain to continue the service only till the begin of the invisible situation of any form declaring the client or parties ineligibility to participate in any immigration program.

XIPHIAS Immigration is not responsible in change of any government or related immigration authority fee. The decision of the change is solely in hand of the related bodies and XIPHIAS Immigration has no control at such situation or nearby clauses leading to the situation. The client must settle the changed charges or fee with the government, authorities or service providing bodies to encourage the immigration process. Any deceptive clause which involves XIPHIAS Immigration with the agreed contract between the parties will not be entertained. Any completed payment to the mentioned bodies of any form does not point XIPHIAS Immigration as per the signed agreement and outcome has no control. Any refund related to it will not accepted though the company will continue to provide instruction to re-file or challenge with unwarranted result.

XIPHIAS Immigration expect the parties of any kind to be loyal on sharing the asked or needed informations with the immigration prospect. This also include all member included in the application at any stage or phases. If the client shows inability to support the information required with immigration prospectives, it will considered of similar nature in context directed with the existing paragraph. This also include the status of the entire family member. If the any wrong information of any kind or at any stage, found which outcomes the rejection or ineligibility to continue the immigration process, XIPHIAS Immigration has right to withdraw the service of any level with direct termination of the agreement and no fee is liable to refund.

XIPHIAS Immigration allows only 5 days to the client to communicate on any immigration matter which falls in arena of agreed contract It must be communicated from or via recorded mode or medium like emails. If failing to communicate, no refund will be initiated.

The client must follow the guidelines of the processing or any kind of interview related to immigration. It must be strictly followed on the instructions provided by the visa office embassy or agency and it should be client's risk at performance, time, place and money or fee related.

Client should be capable of proving the settlement or liquid fund as agreed on mutual contract with XIPHIAS Immigration whenever asked during the immigration process. Failing to it will lead to rejection of visa and no refund will be entertained by XIPHIAS Immigration. The client must also be ready to accept in any change toward it by the government end or change in family size.

Client must inform in 30 days associated member of the XIPHIAS Immigration on account of changes towards address of any form, educational credentials, martial status - with proof, change in family size or police complains or illicit activities records during the process at any stage until the final outcome of any form associated to the individual or family. If failed, no refund of any form will be initiated.

The client must respect the waiting period of any form or government changes in processing of the application. Any refund initiated on disagreement of wait of any form will not be entertained. XIPHIAS Immigration promise to pursue the lawful representation on the basis of information shared of an kind and the government decision is appreciated above all irrespective to time period and commitments.

XIPHIAS Immigration has not guaranteed for right or expected outcome to immigrate overseas and any services pertaining with job settlement or permit pre or post landing. Any compensation or refund at any stage within or outside the agreed contract or agreement between both parties will considered void and hence will not be continued.

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