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XIPHIAS Immigration has a worldwide presence. XIPHIAS has tied up with many organizations and authorized business houses to help clients travel, invest and relocate to the countries of their choice. XIPHIAS, being a global name along with having a decade plus of experience in the field can successfully help you combat the adversaries that could challenge you and your company in traveling.

Traveling is in an integral part for any organization. And for the organization to succeed it is imperative that their travel is planned and well addressed. There are many rules and policies which needs to be handled good to ensure safe travel in any of the business markets.

To address all these critical issues of traveling, we at XIPHIAS have set up a trained and knowledgeable team who can help you and your organization address every regulation placed irrespective of the market or country.

Our Services include

  • Assessment of your requirement and filtering the right kind of VISA required to address the same
  • Preparation of the documents required for the application
  • Preparation of application as required by the concerned authority.
  • Advice regarding the process and how to go about the same
  • We represent your case at the concerned authority as would be required
  • We provide emergency services for your urgent VISA requirements
  • We provide guidance as would be required in relation to the travel and visa process.

We have an in built ERP tool to help our clients. This tool has been designed in a manner to assist our clients in their travel. This tool is a business and immigration compliance tool. It helps our clients to assess and understand the required VISA type to carry out the business they intend to at the destined country apart from helping to plan the travel. This ERP can assist you and your organization to plan your travel and with your documentation to more than 110 countries.

This is online tool and is accessible 24*7.

Join us, XIPHIAS today for more information, guidance and assistance to help us, help you successfully make your business travels happen.

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