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ANIP – Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Alberta is a province in the Western region of Canada, known for its oil wealth, friendly residents, and beautiful and very diverse cities and cultures. Alberta is the fourth largest province in Canada, with 3.8 million populations. The province is strongest and fastest growing economy in the nation. Alberta is home to world-class healthcare facilities, an excellent public education system, low crime rates, and close knit and tolerant communities. There are a growing number of opportunities in Alberta for many different kinds of people, making it one of the most popular provinces for immigrants in the country.

Prospective immigrants can apply to the Alberta PNP 2018 in two different ways.

The open and first way is to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) to Immigration Alberta. This way does not mandatorily require going through Canadian Express Entry system. It is important, regulated Canadian immigration lawyer from Canada upper law society, must do application submission EOI. If nominated through this route, the application is forwarded to apply Canada Permanent Residency through Express Entry by uploading the provincial nomination credentials into the platform.

The second option for interested applicant is through Express Entry. The application can be filed to show an interest in the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program directly through the system. Filing for the PNP of Alberta depends on the limited quota availability and provincial government decision nominates. If an Alberta nomination is received, the prospective immigrant will consequently gain 600 points in Express Entry score, significantly increasing their chances of being given an Invitation to Apply during the next Express Entry draw.

Express Entry Alberta

Alberta is considered to be one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, and its multicultural society, liberal views, brilliant healthcare system and high standards of education make it a popular place for Canadians and foreigners alike to relocate to. The strong economy and growing industries means that there are more and more employment opportunities becoming available. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program is a fast and effective way for foreigners who are eligible for the program to receive their permanent residency. The Alberta immigration program is not just beneficial to the applicants but also to the Alberta economy and society as they are bringing in a workforce that is already experienced and will be able to start contributing immediately.

More about Alberta

The climate in Alberta is not as harsh as many other provinces in Canada, and it have been voted as having some of the most comfortable weather in the entire country. The landscape varies from the sheer cliffs of the Rocky Mountains in the Western part of the province to the sweeping slopes of the arboreal forest that covers much of the land, making it one of the top provinces in Canada for outdoor enthusiasts.

Alberta has an incredibly diverse population made possible by the accepting and friendly nature of most residents in the province. Human rights are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, which allows everyone of varying race, religion, and sexual orientation the same freedom of choice as each other. While most Canadians identify as Christian, there are many other religious groups found in the province such as Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu. This cultural and societal diversity makes Alberta a popular place for immigrants to resettle safely while feeling included in a tight-knit and supportive community.

The economy of Alberta has been the strongest in Canada for the last 10 years and consequently the province has grown very quickly as people from other areas of Canada, as well as many new immigrants from across the World, move to the province in search of a better life. Alberta has no provincial sales tax, the lowest gas tax in Canada, and some of the lowest property taxes in the country, making the cost of living in the province very reasonable. Forestry, agriculture, energy, and industrial products mainly drive Alberta's robust economy, and the province is home to more than 60% of the country's crude oil reserves. The increasing economic strength of Alberta means that there is a tremendous creation of new jobs and employment opportunities for residents and foreigners to take advantage of.

Calgary Immigration and Edmonton Immigration

The two biggest cities in Alberta are Edmonton, which is the provincial capital, and Calgary, which was voted by the Economic Intelligence Unit in 2013 as one of the best cities in the World to live. Both of these cities are home to over 1 million people and thanks to their low taxes, fantastic job opportunities, short commutes, and cultural diversity are two of the most popular cities in Canada for foreigners to resettle in. Other cities in Alberta include Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Fort McMurray, and Grande Prairie, and despite their smaller size are still very popular destinations for immigrants to relocate to.

Whether you're interested in Calgary immigration, Fort McMurray immigration, or Edmonton immigration, the Provincial Nominee Program Alberta Express Entry system may be right for you. Sometimes referred to as the "PNP Calgary" or "PNP Edmonton" program, the Alberta Immigration Express Entry program is an excellent way to immigrate to Alberta.

The Strategic Recruitment Stream

The Strategic Recruitment Category of the ANIP 2018 is a stream that can be used for the individuals who wish to live and work in Alberta on permanent status, and do not have approved job offers or assistance from employers. There are three different categories within this stream that determines individual eligibility.

AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream Sub-Categories:

Compulsory and Optional Trades CategoryApplicants must reside in Alberta with valid work permit can apply in AINP sub-category, if they hold an Alberta Qualification Certificate or a Recognized Trade Certificate. Supervisors, foremen and tradespersons who are working in Alberta in an occupation that is considered a compulsory or optional trade.

Eligibility: Intentions to live and work full-time in Alberta Alberta Qualification Certificate or Recognized Trade Certificate in an eligible compulsory or optional trade. Live in Alberta when applying and hold a valid work permit Must prove at time of application that currently working for local employer in trade experience of 6 months in prior 3 years
Engineering Occupations CategoryEngineers, designers and drafters can apply through this AINP category if procuring previous work experience in the province and their job falls under one of the 12 specific designated occupations of the AINP Strategic Recruitment Stream Engineering List.

Eligibility: Intentions to reside and work in Alberta on a full-time basis Have recent/current work experience or education as an engineer, designer or drafter Application must mention that the applicant is currently working in Alberta or have a minimum two years employment with local employer.
Post-Graduate Worker Category Graduates from an eligible Canadian post-secondary educational institute in Alberta, and who are working in the province on a valid Postgraduate Work Permit in an eligible occupation, can apply for this AINP sub-category.

Eligibility: Intentions to reside and work in Alberta full-time Be permanently living and working in Alberta for an Alberta employer at the time of application Receive the necessary qualifications from the educational institute attended. This can be a degree, diploma or certificate. The minimum amount of time studied is one year. Have a valid Post-Graduate Work Permit Should have a NOC level 0, A, B or C level employment NOC C level applicants must provide language proficiency proof

The Employer-Driven Stream

The Employer-Driven Stream of the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program is a stream that allows employers to nominate workers for the AINP program. This allows them to hold onto the workers that are settled into their business and that already know how everything works. It also created a level of comfort for the employee knowing that they will have job security if their current work permit is running out in the near future. The stream consists of three sub-categories.

AINP Employer-Driven Stream Sub-Categories:

Skilled Worker CategoryIn the PNP Alberta Skilled Worker Category the applicant must have a full-time permanent job offer from an employee in Alberta. Both the employee and applicant must be deemed eligible to be able to successfully apply in this Provincial Nominee Program Alberta category.

Employer Eligibility: Must be a registered and incorporated employer in Canada and the business must be operational in Alberta The job offer for the individual must meet the provincial employment standards Offer a job to the applicant that can be classed as NOC level 0,A or B If not exempt, the job offer must get an approved Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMAI) If the applicant doesn't reside in Alberta, clear effort to recruit someone from both Alberta and Canada must be shown before job is offered to the applicant
There are a few ineligible occupations for this AINP category and they include supervisors, foremen and tradespersons working in a compulsory or optional trade in Alberta, elementary or secondary school teachers, clergy, professional athletes, dental laboratory bench workers, refugee claimant or live in care workers and temporary foreign workers living and working outside of Alberta.

Applicant Eligibility: Intention to live and work permanently in Alberta Appropriate training, experience, certification and education to perform their job in Alberta If the applicant is also residing in Alberta they should hold a valid work permit. Be able to prove legal status if living abroad
International Graduate Category This category of the AINP applies to graduates who studied at an eligible Canadian University or post-secondary education institute and has been offered a full-time, permanent job by an employer who is located in Alberta. Both employee and employer have to pass certain requirements in order for them to both be judged as eligible for the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program.

Employer Eligibility: The employer must be registered and incorporated in Canada and have a business that is currently operating in Alberta The job offered must reach the standards of the provincial employment standards and mustn't clash with any collective bargaining agreements currently in place The job that is offered to the applicant must be of NOC level 0,A, B, or C Wages/salary for the job must be competitive and equal to industry standards
Applicant Eligibility: Must have the intention to permanently reside and have a job in Alberta Must be working for the same Alberta employer who is nominating them for the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program. The job should be full-time and permanent and it mustn't be considered ineligible for this program. The applicant must have graduated with a degree, certificate or diploma from a registered and eligible educational institute within Canada or Alberta. The minimum amount of study time is limited to one year. Applicant must have a valid Postgraduate Work Permit Must prove language proficiency by submitting a test score if working in a NOC level C job
Semi-Skilled Worker Category To be successful in this category of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, the applicant has to have received a full time, permanent job offer from an employer based in Alberta. The employers as well as the targeted and nominated employee both have to pass various requirements to be seen as eligible for this category of the program.

Employer Eligibility: Employer needs to have a business currently based in Alberta, and they must be registered and incorporated in Canada Must have a business that makes up one of the 5 industries that are viable and eligible under this category The job being offered needs to meet the provincial wage and employment standards No collective bargaining agreements should be in conflict with this proposed employment A positive LMIA must be received for the job position being offered unless it is exempt A valid settlement and retention plan must be supplied for the employee
Applicant Eligibility: The applicant should hold a valid work permit and be currently employed in Alberta in one of the eligible occupations A high school equivalent education must be proved Language proficiency test results Meet the specific requirements for their industry
Food and Beverage Processing Industry Alberta PNP Employer Eligibility:
Run an agriculturally based food processing business, not retail Should show correct employment strategies and settlement/retention plans for employees
Alberta PNP Applicant Eligibility: Go through and complete a meeting/interview with a representative of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (AARD) Have at least 3 years of work experience in their home country in their job Must be working full-time in Alberta for 6 months before applying to the Alberta Nominee Program
Manufacturing Industry Alberta Nominee Program Employer Eligibility: Provide and prove legitimate hiring history and recruitment policies as well as retention/settlement plans
Alberta Nominee Program Applicant Eligibility: Two years of experience in their field, of which a minimum of one year must have been done in CanadaHave a job in Alberta for 6 months prior to application
Food Services Industry Alberta Provincial Nominee Program Employer Eligibility: Can't nominate more than 20% of workforce through this Alberta PNP program Sign and Employer Compliance Declaration Form and submit it Show good recruitment and employment history and settlement/retention plans
Alberta Provincial Nominee Program Applicant Eligibility: Have 3 years of work experience in the relevant industry in the country or out the country Have a minimum of 9 months employment in the province before applying for the Provincial Nominee Program Alberta

AINP Self-employed Farmers Stream

The Self-employed Farmers Stream of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program was created for individuals who show an interest in buying land in Alberta for development into farming land and practices. Not just their intentions but also their monetary net worth needs to be proven to be considered eligible for this PNP Alberta category.

Applicant Eligibility: Demonstrate the ability to successfully run and manage a farm by submitting successful income slips from previous endeavors, proof of relevant agricultural qualifications, training or education, the viable business plan for a farm in Alberta and proof that a Canadian financial institution will cover their plan. Net-worth and Sufficient funds must be proved by showing the ability to invest $500,000 into a primary production farming company in Alberta, confirmation of a minimum net worth of $500.000 Prove their intentions to invest in primary production farming in Alberta by submitting a viable investment and business plan to Immigration Alberta
Applicants for this stream must also demonstrate that they pass the minimum language proficiency requirements needed for this category. IELTS General Test (English), CELPIP (English), or TEF (French) tests can be taken and the test results submitted along with the application for the Self Employed Farmers Stream in the AINP 2018.

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