Cyprus Permanent Residence Program

Of the pathways defined by CYPRUS to enter CYPRUS, Permanent Residency Program is quite easier in terms of both economy and rules. The applicants need to ensure that they provide documents to prove their

  • Net worth
  • Legal earnings
  • Medical History
  • Social and Criminal history
  • Ages of all the applicants

Process to apply

  • You must purchase real estate properties in Cyprus with a minimum cost of Euro 300,000. The number of real estate properties you purchase cannot increase 2.
  • You need to transfer a secure steady annual income to a bank operating in Cyprus on a regular basis. This income should be derived from a source –employment or business outside of Cyprus.
  • You need to deposit funds from outside of Cyprus into a fixed account for no less than 3 years period.
  • The Cyprus Permanent Residence process time is between 2-3 months
  • You get an immigration permit stating that you a Non-EU national has the right to permanently reside in Cyprus. You need not go through the visitor visa process to enter Cyprus.
  • Your immediate family is also entitled to obtain the same.

XIPHIAS Immigration has tied up with real estate houses in Cyprus who have good reputation and standing there to help our clients sail through the process easily keeping in mind the value of the money invested .

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