Subclass 189 -Skilled Independent Visa Program

Skill Select – Skill Select is the Australian Government Portal, into which your online application or Expression of Interest to relocate to Australia needs to be fed in.

Anybody who has the confidence that they are qualified enough to work and contribute to the economy and culture in Australia can apply under Subclass 189 VISA.

If you are one of the aspirants then you will have to first submit your Express of Interest at the Skill Select Portal. If you qualify and comply with the rules, you will be granted an Australian Permanent Residency permit which would allow you to live and work in any part of Australia. It’s a point-tested pathway which needs you to obtain a minimum score of 65 points out of 100, in the factors provided.

To be eligible for this category you need to

  • Have relevant domain experience
  • Have scored a minimum of 65 points of 100 in the skills assessment.
    Factors determining your points
  • a. Age (below 45 years only)
  • b. Education
  • c. Language Proficiency
  • d. Experience
  • e. Spouse Profile
  • Your occupation, at the time of application should be part of the Australian declared occupational demand List

Additional Notes

This is a permanent Resident Visa Program which allows you to live, work or study in any part of Australia.

This program was designed to attract professionals with hi-end knowledge to help fill in vacancies as and when they arise in Australia. This is a big boost for skilled professionals from across the globe who have the competency to complete the work.

Australia provides free basic education till 12th grade. Your children indefinitely qualify to obtain this.

Once you are a PR holder, you automatically qualify to become a sponsorer to invite your relatives/friends who you deem would be eligible to work in Australia.

If you live 4 years on a PR Visa in Australia with off and on travelling, then you qualify for Australian Citizenship.

How XIPHIAS can help you

  • 1. We are officially registered immigration Agents for Australia. XIPHIAS is a MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) registered firm.
  • 2. We evaluate your profile to identify which areas we need to work on to ensure your safe migration to Australia
  • 3. We prepare your application as would be needed and submit the same in the Portal.
  • 4. We counsel our customers to understand what they need
  • 5. We update the status as is necessary at every stage. We provide constant communication through our in house CRM to which our clients have access  to.
  • 6. We provide pre travel counseling, with help of our Australian partners to ease your travel
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