Lithuania Business Investment Migration Visa

Lithuania, a Baltic country located in Europe has gone through a sea of changes. It is a small nation which still upholds its rich culture and heritage. Since its independence in 1990, Lithuania has been emerging a one of the financial leaders in Europe. This country is part of the European Union and is one of the Schengen countries. The country’s demography is made up of huge tracts of forest lands, beautiful lakes, Flat lands and landscapes.




65,300 sq kms




Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, English



Lithuania Business Investment Migration Program

Lithuania invites enthusiastic high net worth individuals who are looking for cross border investment into the country through its Lithuania Business Investment Migration Program. XIPHIAS Immigration, backed by a strong team of solicitors, lawyers and counsellors can help you achieve your dream of migrating to Lithuania. We provide services to help you obtain your Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) or Permanent Resident Permit (PRP).

Benefits of the Program

Obtaining any of these permits, would help you travel visa free in the whole of European Union and the Schengen Area.

With this Visa you can conduct business, work, live or study in any part of the Schengen Area.

Qualifications that Lithuanian Government expects from immigrants

  • You need to be a shareholder or head of an organization which is based in Lithuania and you will have to own a minimum of a third of the shares of the organization.
  • You should invest the minimum recommended amount into the equity of such an organization
  • In your organization, there should be local Lithuanians employed and they should be withdrawing a salary equivalent to the salaries of the other similar job holders in Lithuania
  • Your organization should have been up and running by at least 6 months before you apply for the Residency there.

When you satisfy these requirements, you will be receiving the Temporary Residence Permit which would be valid for one year extendable for 2 more years.

Your family members can join you while traveling to Lithuania.

Lithuania has defined 3-4 pathways for investors to invest and plan their stay in Lithuania.

  • Residence Permit for Businessmen for those who want to start a business or purchase a business or buy a share of a business based in Lithuania
  • Immigration Program Investment 1- this program is for immigration of business representatives to Lithuania
  • Immigration Program for Representative office/Branch/Daughter Company- relates to immigration of a head or representative for a branch or a daughter company
  • Immigration Program Family Business Immigration relates to immigration of family members of any of the above immigrants.

This beautiful country is a welcome change. Its ever growing economy, supported by strong stable Government ensures you get best return on your investments.

XIPHIAS Immigration a pioneer in the field for more than a decade’s experience with certified Investment Immigrant specialists’ team, is your best bet to help you invest and relocate to Lithuania.

Permanent Residence Permit

What is a Permanent Residence Permit in the Republic of Lithuania?

The government of the Republic of Lithuania for a foreigner grants a Permanent Resident Permit from a non-European Union country having a Temporary Residence Permit in the Republic of Lithuania for a continuous five-year period. It is valid for five years where the holder gets a permanent resident status.

Documents Required

  • A valid Passport with a copy of it.
  • Documents proving Temporary Residence Permit Lithuania for five consecutive years.
  • Certificates of completing exams for the Lithuanian language and Constitution basics.
  • One recent photograph size—40x60mm (1.57×2.36 inches).

What Conditions Must I Meet?

The applicant must have stayed in the Republic of Lithuania for five years in a row with the following:

  • A Temporary Residence Permit for the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Passed an exam on Lietuviu Kalba, the national language of Lithuania.
  • Passed an exam on the basics of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • An exception is provided for senior foreign citizens 75 years of age and older.
  • All employees working in Lithuania are provided with health insurance coverage while the other non-working citizens must apply for health insurance.
  • Approximately 300 Euros each month is required for basic subsistence in the Republic of Lithuania. Therefore, one should have a consistent bank account balance for subsistence for five years, although a regular income is highly preferred.
  • A proper residential apartment, either owned or leased, should be available for the applicant.

What are the Services Provided by Us?

We offer the following services for acquiring a Permanent Residence Permit in the Republic of Lithuania:

  • Consultation for receiving a Permanent Residence Permit in the Republic of Lithuania regarding the rules, regulations, and pertinent exams.
  • Assistance in acquiring the necessary certificates and documents to receive a Permanent Residence Permit in the Republic of Lithuania.

The application for a Permanent Residence Permit is processed and issued within six months.

Loss of Residence Permit

It is not easy to obtain and retain a Permanent Residence Permit in Lithuania and other Schengen states even if you have a French Visa, Swiss Visa, or any European national Visa. Your Permanent Residence Permit will be revoked if you engage in unlawful activities. You should have a good reputation and not a notorious one. It is important that you get adequate remuneration for legal activities only and you pay your taxes promptly.

In any such undesired cases, not only yours, but also all the family members’ Permanent Residence Permits would be revoked if they happen to be the citizens of a non-Schengen state.

Other Details

It is highly recommended to buy real estate in Lithuania if you are interested in getting a long-term Visa to Europe. In that case, you can apply for a short-term Visa to Lithuania or any other Schengen country and enter Lithuania to buy property.

There are many possible choices for buying real estate or apartments in the Republic of Lithuania according to your budget. If you own property in Lithuania, it is very easy to get a Schengen Visa to Europe and stay there or even rent your apartment.

The choices may be expensive real estate for business purposes, private residential apartments, office space, or even inexpensive flats from remote cities of Lithuania.

Temporary Residence Permit

What Is a Temporary Residence Permit in Lithuania?

The residents of a non-European Union who want to move to Lithuania must get a Resident Permit in Lithuania. The following procedures are initiated for you to get a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) for one year that can later be extended to one more year or up to five years.

Documents Required to Acquire a Temporary Residence Permit in Lithuania

  • A valid Passport with a copy of it.
  • A valid Visa. If you do not have a valid Visa, provide a Lithuanian Residence Permit for submission to the Lithuanian Migration Law Services.
  • Documentation to validate proof of your company or institution authorized in the Republic of Lithuania.
  • One recent photograph—size 40x60mm (1.57×2.36 inches).

Eight Easy Steps to Obtain a Temporary Residence Permit

  • Provide us with a copy of your Passport, address of where you live (not a post office box), your telephone number, and your email address.
  • After we receive your payment, we will prepare the necessary documents and email the completed documents to you.
  • Print two copies of all the emailed documents. Send all copies and original documents to us by post courier.
  • We will take the original documents and copies to all required State agencies.
  • Upon completion, we will send you the approved document copies by email and all originals will be returned to you by courier.
  • With the approved documents, you are now able to apply to specific country embassies for a TRP. We recommend you go to Lithuania to accomplish all vital procedures for documentation approval success.
  • The Migration Department will review your documents within two to four months.
  • After you receive approval from the Migration Department, you will need to return to Lithuania to obtain your TRP.

Who Can Get a Temporary Residence Permit In Lithuania?

A foreign person who is not a citizen of the 28 member states of the European Union (EU) migrating for the following reasons:

  • Studying in any institution in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Working in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Living with your family in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Pursuing any legal activities in the Republic of Lithuania; and/or
  • Establishing a business in the Republic of Lithuania.

Terms and Conditions for Obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit

Qualifications for a Company:

  • The company must be established and in operation for the past six months before the date of application for a TRP in Lithuania.
  • The company shall establish three working places allowing Lithuanian citizens or foreigners holding a Permanent Residence Permit in the Republic of Lithuania to work at the company.
  • The company should have a minimum equity value of 28,000 Euros with a minimum of 14,000 Euros invested by the applicant.

Qualifications for Immigrants:

  • The immigrant could be a manager and a participant or only a participant having the right to decide company transactions or be a member of the company or institution’s management team.
  • The immigrant could be a shareholder of a private or limited liability company (LLC).

What are the Services Provided by XIPHIAS Immigration Group?

XIPHIAS Immigration Group offers the following services for you to get a TRP in Lithuania:

  • Prepare the mandatory documents for issuing the TRP in Lithuania;
  • Provide professional assistance and support for you to buy or sell real estate in the Republic of Lithuania; and
  • Make available legal guidance and counseling services for purchasing or selling real estate.

Additional Services Provided

  • We prepare and submit documents to the State Enterprise Center of Registers regarding any changes in the information related to the company’s shareholders and managers.
  • We make the necessary arrangements to acquire an officially registered address in the Republic of Lithuania.
  • We complete the procedures related to employment of a company manager in the Republic of Lithuania.
  • We assist you to purchase or sell apartments in the Republic of Lithuania.
  • We provide consultation related to tax policies and financial obligations to encompass managing a company and its employment in the Republic of Lithuania.

Health Insurance Coverage

If you have a health insurance policy, submit a copy of the policy that should show coverage to a minimum of 579,240 Euros. It will show the term, coverage, premiums, and deductibles. The policy must be valid and in force for the entire period of your stay in the Republic of Lithuania. If you are appointed as the manager of a company that is registered in the Republic of Lithuania your compulsory health insurance will be provided because 9% is automatically deducted for insurance from every employee’s salary who works in Lithuania.


The company will pay a foreign person in the Republic of Lithuania the minimum subsistence amount of 300 Euros each month so that the annual income will be a minimum of 3,600 Euros.


A residence is suitable to live in if it has a minimum of 7 square meters (~75 square feet) for each adult. A foreign person holding a European Visa can own residential properties in the Republic of Lithuania or opt to lease any residential apartments by registering with the State Enterprise Center of Registers. This would be for a period of not less than the expiration date of your Temporary Resident Permit in the Republic of Lithuania, including a registration fee of 25% of the agreed payment for our services in obtaining a TRP for foreign persons.

Work Permit

A foreigner employed at a Lithuanian company is legally authorized to work by submitting the job vacancy document to the Lithuanian Labor Exchange one month before applying for a Work Permit. After applying for a Work Permit, you will receive your Work Permit in two months and it is valid for one year.


You might not be required to have a Work Permit in Lithuania if:

  • You are transferred from your company or institution to its operating branch located in Lithuania.
  • You have a Permanent Resident Permit (PRP) in the Republic of Lithuania.
  • You have been residing long-term in any other European Union Member State holding a German Visa, Swiss Visa, French Visa, or Schengen Visa.
  • You have already worked in Lithuania for over a year.

Travel Inside the Schengen Area

A foreigner holding a Lithuanian Residence Permit, but not a citizen of any Schengen state, is permitted to travel around the Schengen states without a Visa and likewise, a foreigner holding a Residence Permit from another Schengen state, can stay up to three months in Lithuania without a Visa.

The government of the Republic of Lithuania for a foreigner grants a TRP from a non-European Union country. It is usually issued for a period of one year, although it may be issued for a shorter period. Concerning persons of Lithuanian descent and foreigners who have retained the right to citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania, the Temporary Residence Permit is issued for a period of five years.

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