Legal Process Outsourcing

Every company irrespective of its size, its demography and its age, needs to follow rules and regulations laid down by the local governing body and the country. These can be pertaining to the day to day running of the business or towards taxes or about the maintenance of books of accounts or towards the acquisition of land/property/other relevant business.

These Legal Processes are tedious, time consuming and also consumes a lot of economy of the company if not executed well and in a timely manner

We at XIPHIAS provide solutions for this for your company. We offer to take up any kind of Legal Processes involved for your company.

We have a strong team of lawyers and solicitors who are well acquainted about the Legal Processes across the globe can help you with the Legal Process which you would want to outsource it.

We undertake the below Legal Process Outsource (LPO) services

  • Road Traffic Injury And Accidents
  • Income Tax Issues
  • Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes
  • Deals and Agreements
  • Immigration Laws
  • Industrial and Labor Laws advisory and compliances
  • Transaction Advisory and Consultation Services
  • Advisory on Transaction Structuring and Closing
  • Advise and assisting in insolvency matters
  • Advise on Privacy Laws and related documentation/ compliances
  • Audit and Assurance Services
  • Company Tax Dispute Resolution
  • Merger And Acquisition Deals
  • Contract Disputes
  • Foreclosures
  • Patents and Trademarks
  • Civil Disputes
  • Criminal matters
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Strategic and Financial Investment Deals
  • Statutory Registrations and Compliances
  • Company Registration and Other Business Start-up services

We don’t limit self to the above mentioned list. These are just few of the services which we offer.

We also help our clients with Corporate Legal Services.

We at XIPHIAS, as principality value our customers’ privacy and ensure there would be transparency in our dealings with you.

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