It is with pleasure I am writing this review for the team at Xiphias. The first important point of trust gets established when the authenticity of the organisation is known, as they are among the few consultancy agencies from India (only one from Bangalore) who are recognised by IRCC, Canada. With this knowledge we required professional help for processing our documents towards obtaining FSW visa. So, we approached Xiphias towards end of last year.
We were guided through the entire process efficiently by the sales team Mr. Lakshman and Mr. Nibu. We wanted to go ahead with filing the application immediately. However, they gave valuable inputs regarding the time line of when to apply after evaluating our personal profile. They also gave some useful suggestions for obtaining the work experience letters/affidavits as per the format of IRCC. Based on their suggestions, we filled the application after obtaining all the documents. The initial processing was handled by Ms. Sravanthi and later by Ms. Vidya. We were happy with the way Ms. Vidya underwent in processing, she clarified all the doubts and filed the application to enter into Express Entry within two days after obtaining the WES report.
We wish to state the professional attitude of all the concerned members who were handling our file, they responded to the mails quickly which did help in we obtaining the documents. I take this opportunity to thank the consultant Mr. Payman Mehrani for conveying the information of PNP and ITA and also for communicating directly in times of need. Lastly, I want to thank Ms. Kavya, the processing manager for reviewing the application after ITA, her suggestions helped in obtaining supporting documents for the work experience. She also went ahead with the final submission as per the schedule based on the conversations we had. Lastly, I do recommend Xiphias if anyone of you are looking for a reliable consulting source.
My experience with Xiphias has been like none other.I got my visa within two months of submission of my documents! The entire team was very professional and helpful.A big thank you to Mr Varun, Subodh and the entire processing team who made this possible! Keep up the good work :)
I am glad to have chosen you to handle my case for immigration to Canada. In a very short time you have taken my case and presented it well to achieve an ITA. I thank your team of coordinators and Mr. Shivraj Moger who took my case and did the necessary steps to make sure the results were produced. I trust you to keep the intensity through out my process. Thank you.
I would like to thank XIPHIAS and UNIVERSAL Immigration team, very big salute to VARUN,CANDICE and RAJESHWARI for helping us to get CSQ without interview which make us very happy. We know that our case was exceptional. I had left the hope but Varun gave us great support. Moreover we went through all stages like Rejection, Appeal and Selection. Once again thank you so much Varun. We strongly Recommend XIPHIAS immigration whoever seeking Canadian PR. Really trust worthy. Again and again and again thank you soooo much Varun. Hope you will help us to get PR.
I would like to extend my immense pleasure and gratitude to you for your guidance and support in obtaining my PR Visa-Canada. Without your positive encouragement and support i would've not achieved this stage.Whenever i lost hope your positive words have really encouraged me to go forward.Really i m very grateful to you Sir.Your words speaks volume of the kind of man you are-efficient,organised and result-oriented. This is truly above and beyond. Thank you so much Sir..!!
I would like to take this moment to thank each one of the person at Xiphias who worked on my case with all their sincere efforts and helped me get an ITA. A big thank you to Satyam who helped me through from the day one he was assigned my case, without whose guidance and support my dream of immigrating to Canada would have been still a dream if not for his help and also motivation to keep me going. Ranjitha, ofcourse, who assisted me in the documentation and had the patience to listen and answer all my queries without complaining, though sometimes my questions would be repetitive. Thank You Ranjitha and Satyam. You guys been the best consultants to have worked with. Last but not least, I will definitely recommend Xiphias to all those people who are looking for best immigration counsel and help. You guys rock!!! Keep going and help people to fulfill their dreams.
I am very delighted to get my visa stamped in my passport. This belongs to your kind support and patience to solve our problems. You are such a wonderful agency which provide valuable time, energy and manpower. Thanks to you Varun, and your team.
First I'd like to mention, hands down that XIPHIAS IS THE BEST CONSULTANCY. Period.
There is no doubt in any terms.
My journey began by meeting Mr.Nibu, who is exceptional in what he does and answering queries.
Mr.Nibu has the unique ability to keep customers like us, well informed, resolve any doubts/queries we have.
I'm sure Nibu will assist me and others in an exceptional way in the future.
He is the best Business Analyst.
I'd also like to thank Ranjitha who bared with me and all my queries regarding the documentation, she assured the I get timely response to my mails and get the process completed as fast as possible.
Ranjitha was on her toes to help me regarding documentation.
All the representatives of XIPHIAS are well mannered and kind (this is one of the best quality).
The IELTS tool was a great way to improve my language skills, I gained a lot from it, and was the only reason for my good band score. To anyone reading this, IELTS tool is all you need to get a good band, it provides a lot of practice tests and the best part is you can get in touch with the IELTS tool representatives regarding doubts that you have, they will reply to you within 24 hours.
I'd also like to thank Mr.Payman Mehrani who congratulated me personally when I received PNP and ITA, also gave expert level advice when I had queries.
So I've received ITA on 4th MAY, and I'm thrilled for the future as I know XIPHIAS will provide me the best service possible. I insist choosing XIPHIAS when it comes to immigration.
Today I got My passport stamp. I applied in 2012 through Xiphias immigration. I was along first few applicants of Xiphias immigration Delhi office. I remember and thanks to Varun sir and his team for their support, feedback and positive attitude towards the immigration process.
Varun sir and his team THE BEST.
They are highly professional and very supportive.
Thanks to Xiphias for every help and support.
I received my ITA on the 61st draw which happened day before yesterday and Xiphias helped me a lot to make this happen.
They were very professional and I can say for sure that they will provide every help and support needed to achieve one's dream of obtaining a Canadian PR.
Highly recommended for immigration purposes.
Am so glad to announce that I received my Canadian visa. My dream came true by the support and timely guidance of Xiphias. My special thanks to Mr.Varun for your replies to my queries at time. For prospect Canadian immigrants, I strongly recommend " XIPHIAS " as trusted agency to make your dream possible.
Thank you Varun and Xiphias.
I am an IT professional and I have faced good and bad experiences in life in terms of consultancy services.
So far in Xiphias, there hasn't been any discrepancies in terms of counselling, pushing my case to the next level and getting me an ITA. Every thing has gone according to the plan and timeline that was fixed for me. So my experience is very good so far. Satyam Agarwal was my Immigration Processing officer has been very kind and patient. So, I would just like to thank him, Sudheer and the processing team to take my case to this level. The ticketing system to your queries is also an effective way of dealing your client's queries documented and get them answered in an timely manner. The IELTS tool provided by Xiphias, is a very good IT tool for self study that helps you to be prepared for the exam. The best thing about this, it is free with the consultancy service. It is recommended to use Xiphias service as they are registered consultants,genuine immigration consultant which provides the quality of service for the money you put in. You can bet on xiphias. Once again, thanks to Satyam and the processing team for their effort.
I recently received my ITA for Canada Express Entry Program. XIPHIAS team has done a very good job in guiding us to reach this stage.They have been with us at each step, following up with us regularly, clarifying all the process related queries that we had. They have gone above and beyond in completing our profile on time which was crucial in receiving the ITA. Thanks to Satyam, Manpreet, Ankita, Processing Team and Payman for all the efforts. Hoping to get the same kind of support from you all for the further processes.
I received my ITA for Canada last month under the Express Entry scheme. In times of fake consultancies, where it is very easy to get cheated, we were very fortunate to have come across a genuine Immigration consultancy like Xiphias.
Though my husband and I were not a very easy case (all those questions/doubts) , everyone in the team, especially,Satyam and Sravanthi (my processing Officer) , per se, were quite patient in clearing all our doubts. Thank you again Xiphias for all your help and hoping to go make it beyond PR with you guys.
I received my ITA for Canada under the Express Entry scheme last week. Xiphias team has done a great job in helping me out in my dream to immigrate to Canada. Ever since I approached Xiphias for the Express Entry process, the entire team coordinating with me in Xiphias has taken all earnest efforts to process my application and to sort out all difficulties I faced. My experience has been great with Xiphias so far and they are always there to reach out for all my queries and doubts. But with Xiphias and their great team, I am confident that everything will be completed successfully and my dream will come true. I will strongly recommend Xiphias to all immigration aspirants.
It would be a great mistake if I don't thank my supporter and guider, that is none other than XIPHIAS team for helping me to receive my PR for Canada. Mr.Varun was so helpful and great mentor in the race to achieve my dream destination. Moreover, I would without fail like to thank Mr. Sanjay for supporting me in proceeding with federal processing and made my journey easy.To be frank, I literally thought I would not be able to get my PR as I had worked in Iraq for two years and needed many documents from there which was nearly impossible but got by grace of god and proper guidance from Xiphias team. I strongly recommend every one who are willing to travel to Canada should process through XIPHIAS Immigration agency. Its really trustworthy.
Thank you Xiphias team and especially Mr.Varun for the support and valuable guidance for getting CSQ without interview. Once again thank you so much Mr Varun for your kind support and, he is very apprroachable whenever we have doubts and a genuine good human....I can strongly recommend Xiphias Immigration for people seeking to immigrate.
Today I really feel my dreams have reached the desires of it' correct destinations as I have got the CSQ without attending the interview. And for my prosperity I give all the credit to XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION. As they have immensely helped me to reach towards the success of my goals. They effectively made me understood the rising trend of 21st century and steps to face the challenges of this competitive era. Their skilled and expertise consultants made my paths to success a quiet easier and simpler. They were there to help me out at every point of time in the entire process to get my CSQ. Ultimately in simple words I just wanted to say XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION gave me the best experience.
I feel overwhelmed to say that I got the CSQ without attending the interview. And for this I heartily thank XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION. In my point of view they are really the best. They finely processed all my documents and were always beside to keep an eye that my VISA process got settle up in a handy way. Moreover, I specially thank Mr. Varun (Vice President XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION) as his deliberate support exceedingly helped to reach my ambitions without any interruptions. And for XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION I just wanted to say you are simply outstanding!! I really prey your long endeavored success.
First of all, thank you very very much Varun for all the support during the entire application process of CSQ since the last 2 years and the preparation for the same. I was delighted to get the news from Varun himself on receiving my CSQ. This comes at a point when we had a huge number of hurdles to overcome and without the support of Varun, I don't think it would have been easy.
Thanks Varun for all the support and I would expect the same till the Visa is stamped and I land in Canada I am sure you guys will always be as supportive as you have been.
May God bless you!!!!
Thank you Xiphias for fullfilling my Wish!
Thank you Varun sir for your enormous efforts in backing up my case for a very long time and succeeding it. Ultimately it paid off for my patience and the restive efforts lay off by your wonderful team vikram, chandana, sheetal to get my CSQ.
I am obliged for the trust that i had in you and your organization and proven time and again worthy of it. And hoping for the same support till i reach Canada.
All the best Xiphias.
Joseph Raj Thannki
Now I genuinely feel happy and satisfied as I opted for XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION. Today I got my CSQ without any interview easily. I couldn't express my happiness in words, when I opted for XIPHIAS I was quite worried about the result. But the result has completely changed the scenario. Thereby for this I offer my gratitude to XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION expert consultants, their legitimate way of processing all the documents, guiding to get medical as well police clearance in a easy way so that at any cost my visa doesn't get rejected. They were beside me round the clock to support morally bas well as mentally too.
Move ahead with heights of success XIPHIAS!!!
I feel awesome when I see my CSQ which I got without attending the interview. And I offer all this credibility XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION. Now my simple statement for them is they are most excellent immigration company. They are the only one company registered in ICCRC which flashes their authenticity. They have also proven their competency in a prospective way and kept all their promises and words accordingly.
For me I just wanted them to say God speed to them in their Endeavour.
Finally….I got my CSQ without attending the interview, now shortly I will be landing in the land of my dreams. And for this I solely thank XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION. They not only helped to process my VISA but actively served as a boon for my reaching my ambitions. The impressive part about XIPHIAS is they made the visa process held up in a complete smoothie and accomplished way.
Thanks Guys!!! Continue your quality of services likewise
Yes , I got Visa and landed Canada , so wonderful moment becoz of Xiphias and I am very thankful to Xiphias and Mr.Varun Singh
Thank You so much Varun Sir..
I have reached the lands where I can give a correct shape to my dreams and ambitions. My dreams got correct way towards success for in an effective way when I got CSQ without going for interview. I offer all my great appreciation to XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION. Their expert professional consultants helped and guided me a lot to reach my destinations in a better prospective way.
Dear Varun sir,luckily i enrolled in Xiphias Immigration for qsw.Thanks for your great support and tremndous effort for my success.This is not only my success ,this is our success.Thank you very much sir...
Thanks a lot XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION and especially Mr. Varun they have helped me a lot to prosper and move towards my goal in a better way. I was bit scared when my visa documentation got started but now I have landed in the perfect place where I can groom my career prospectively. And moreover I gracefully thanks Mr. Varun as his perfect guidance and fine support has made me to see these days.
Manju Ritanjali Kumar
Thank you Xiphias Immigration for helping in making my dream comes true. Especially Mr Varun helped me lot to get the CSQ without interview. Every member of Xiphias helped me from the beginning process i.e, assessment till I get the visa. Now I can easily pursue my career prospectively..
Tenzin Youlo
Thank you Xiphias for helping me to settle in beautiful place. I got CSQ without interview with the help of Xiphias Immigration. They helped me from the initial process of assessment till I get the visa and also they provided career assessment..
Jeya Bharath Murugusen
Thanks for your smart work ! you guys did an extra ordinary work and have a great knowledge on immigration. Specially forVarun Singh Thanks for all your advice and the help. you have helped me in hard times when arranging documents. All credits goes to you. Thanks a lot. I wish you will have many many success stories like this and I know you will have a successful future in helping people in immigration. All the very best !! and Thanks again
Jobini George
I heartily thanks Xiphias Immigration for helping me to get the CSQ as early as possible. They are very cooperative in all the processes of visa processing. Mr. Varun was always assisting to make the process more easier for me. Now I really pray Xiphias to reach success..
Helen Matilda
I am Happy to say that I got visa to Quebec. And it is all because of the best consultants that helped me. Yes it is Xiphias Immigration that helped me to get CSQ without interview. Mr. Varun and team helped me from Initial process to till I get Visa. I heartily thank them and wish them all success ahead..
Ruth Gunjal
Thank you to the entire team of Xiphias Immigration for helping me in getting the visa to Quebec. Especially Mr. Varun and team helped me in every step of the visa processing. They made it easy for me. And also they helped in career assessment. Once again Thanks to Xiphias Immigration..
Vadivarasan Chidambaram
Thank you Xiphias Immigration for making me easy to get visa and helping me in the career assessment also. Mr. Varun helped me immensely to make the process on go smoothly. They helped me in every step of visa processing. One of the best Immigration consultants I can suggest to others..
Sreedevi Kodakuthumparambil Balan
I am willing to convey my heartily thanks to Xiphias Immigration for helping me to get the CSQ without interview. The team of Xiphias Immigration guided me in applying for the particular visa and they were with me till I get the Visa. Also they provided the Career assistance for me..
Mercy Gracy Arulandu
Thanks to Xiphias Immigration Services for helping me to get the visa easily and for providing the job assistance. Entire team was very cooperative and guided me well since the Initial process. This is the best Immigration company I can suggest to my friends. Once again I heartily express my gratitude to them.
I have reached the at the proper point where I can shape up my career in a prospective way. As I got my CSQ without attending the interview thanks a lot XIPHIAS whole IMMIGRATION team they have assisted and guided me to reach my point of success. Their authenticated guidance and proper way for documentation made my VISA process on go smoothly...Thanks on a whole...
I feel excited to express my happiness as I received my CSQ without attending any interview…All the credit goes to XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION team and especially MR. Varun… They have showed me the correct path to excel in my future. Moreover…Mr.Varun was always beside to guide and help from the very beginning. At the end I can only say God bless them to reach success.
Muthu Kumar
Mission Accomplished!
I am delighted to inform you that I have been selected for Canadian immigration in the entrepreneur category this year, almost the entire immigration process have been successfully cleared by the authorities on time. I must thank XIPHIAS immigration for their full co-operation throughout the process and it is one of the best consultant firms that I have come across. Everything is meticulously organised with thorough professionalism, I would definitely recommend XIPHIAS to my friends who intend to set up small and medium scale industries in Canada.
Buarny Kunjappan
Dream Come True!
I would like express my gratitude and compliments to XIPHIAS Immigration team for showing exemplary service and professionalism throughout the immigration process; recently we have set up a new small scale industry in Canada. It is definitely a milestone to our business, we have received full support and encouragement from XIPHIAS and their contribution played a crucial role in establishing this new company. I must thank the support staff and the management for this achievement. We had full faith in executing this task with their team.
Kamaldeep Sing Hara
I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for the assistance and professionalism shown by XIPHIAS Immigration, I have cleared all the immigration process to invest in a small scale industry in Canada. This would not have been completed without your active support and encouragement; it is definitely a turning point to our business as we are expanding our business in Canada. Some of my friends are planning to set up their business in Canada and I would definitely tell them to get in touch with XIPHIAS Immigration for all the logistic support.
Suchi Grace
I thank Team XIPHIAS from the core of my heart to have made me fulfill my dreams.Whole process took almost 14 months. It is impressive how XIPHIAS Immigration Team have managed to make this complex task so simple. At each step they were there to assist me and encourage me to complete the process and documentations. But for their high level of professionalism, I would have not been able to make it this far. Thanks XIPHIAS and God Speed to them in all their endeavour.I will never hesitate to recommend anyone to XIPHIAS!
Tsewang Topden
I,Tswang Topden, am proud to introduce XIPHIAS Immigration to you as one of the best in this trade. Immigration for them is a Corporate Social Responsibility and that what makes the difference. Their approach, business philosophy and monitoring of my case was just brilliant. The personal touch provided by the Team has helped me to complete the process well on time. Canada is a beautiful country to be living in and thanks to XIPHIAS who have made it happen to me.Wish you all the best!!
Saraswati Kujur
I am proud to introduce XIPHIAS Immigration Team !!They have a deep understanding of the process and handle my case on a personal level. What amazes me is that they put their heart and soul in each case to ensure it goes through successfully.
Special Thanks to "Varun"for his guidance and support.
Wish you all the best!
Princy Yohannan
I got associated with XIPHIAS BANGALORE in 2012, now I got CSQ without interview. This is due to tireless efforts of Mr.Varun Singh& his Team. He used to support me at any part of the day with a sweet approach.Now I have almost reached my GOAL.God bless Mr.Varun & his Team.
Wish you all the best!
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