Live, and Work in Europe with the EU Blue Card - A pathway to European Residency and Citizenship

MARCH 27, 2023 01:10:45 PM

The EU Blue Card is a residence and work permit for highly skilled non-EU citizens who want to work in the European Union. The EU Blue Card was created to attract highly skilled workers to the EU and to promote economic growth. The EU Blue Card makes it easier for Indian professionals to obtain a work permit and eventually settle in the EU because it simplifies the application process and provides many other benefits. For example, Blue Card holders are allowed to work and live in any EU country for up to five years and bring their family members with them among many other benefits. However, obtaining a work permit and residency in the EU can be a complex and time-consuming process. This is where the EU Blue Card comes in as a solution to ease the process for professionals looking to immigrate with its streamlined and fast-track application timeline.

The EU has always been a top-notch destination for people looking to immigrate for work or eventually settle due to its world-class educational institutions, social security, excellent infrastructure, and strong public healthcare systems with an economy that allows employment in diverse sectors such as healthcare, teaching, IT among many others. Apart from the various benefits of immigrating for work, EU Blue Card also paves the road for becoming a permanent resident of the member country of the EU and eventually applying for citizenship.

Also, the EU Blue Card is issued by the country where you will be working and allows you to work and live in other EU countries. The European Blue Card grants full socio-economic rights and provides a road to permanent residence and EU citizenship. EU Blue Cards are granted in order to recruit highly qualified individuals from overseas to the Latvian labor market.

Benefits of the EU Blue Card:

Freedom of movement: Enter, re-enter, and stay in the territory of the EU country that issued the card.

Highly skilled professionals status: Be in a highly skilled profession in the EU country that granted the card.

Processing time: Usually 1 to 3 months.

Path to permanent residence: Holding an EU Blue Card for a certain period of time can make it easier for Indian professionals to obtain permanent residence in the EU. This means they can enjoy the benefits of living in the EU for the long term, such as access to social services, education, and healthcare.

Family reunification: The EU Blue Card also allows Indian professionals to bring their family members to live with them in the EU for as long as the EU Blue Card is valid. This includes spouses and children under the age of 18.

Travel within the EU: Blue Card holders can travel to another EU country for short periods for business purposes.

Flexibility: After a year in one EU country, a Blue Card holder can go to another EU country and apply for a new card in a quick and easy procedure.

Apart from the benefits that it brings to your career, the EU Blue Card is a great option for highly skilled non-EU citizens who want to work and live in the EU and provide a pathway to permanent residence in highly sought-after European countries. From job opportunities and an easier path to permanent residence to access to social benefits and free movement within the EU, the EU Blue Card can provide Indian professionals with endless opportunities to build a successful career and a fulfilling life in the EU.

What is the validity of the EU Blue Card program?

Once the EU Blue Card is granted, it is valid for up to 5 years with 2-3 months processing time and can be renewed as long as the employment continues.

What is the application process?

The process and procedures for obtaining the EU Blue Card program vary across EU countries. In some countries, the employer can apply for the Blue Card for the applicant, while in others, the applicant must take an active role in obtaining the permit. However, in most EU member states, applicants need to schedule an appointment at their home country's embassy or consulate.

Finally, applying for the EU Blue Card can be a complex and time-consuming process. You will also need to provide evidence of your professional experience, language proficiency, and other qualifications. With services that are custom tailored for every client, we ensure that your journey toward fulfilling your dreams will be hassle-free and smooth so that you can concentrate on your career goals and the life that you want to build in the EU country of your choice.

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