How To Get Work Permit For UK Without Job Offer

April 13, 2023 04:10:01 PM

It is often difficult to get a work permit for the UK without an employment offer. However, several visa categories do not require a work offer, one among such is the Global Talent Visa. The UK Global Talent Visa and its benefits are explained for those aspirants who want to work in the UK without a job offer.

What is the UK Global Talent Visa?

Talented people from all around the world can enter the UK and work there with the help of the UK Global Talent Visa. It is intended to draw highly qualified people from a variety of sectors, including science, engineering, medicine, humanities, digital technology, and arts and culture.

The visa is available to those who have been recognized by a UK-endorsing organization as leaders or prospective leaders in their area. These organizations are ones that the UK government has given permission to evaluate a person's skill and potential in particular disciplines.

Candidates must satisfy specific requirements to be eligible for the Global Talent Visa, including having a track record of achievement in their area, being well known, and having a work offer or proof of adequate means to sustain themselves while they are in the UK.

Benefits of the Global Talent Visa

  • Work in the UK: With a Global Talent Visa, an individual can work in the UK for up to five years, in their chosen field.
  • No IELTS or English Language Test is required.
  • No assets or funds proof required.
  • Family permit: the visa holder can take their spouse, partner, and children under the age of 18 to the UK with them. They can also work or study while in the UK.
  • UK Permanent Residency: After five years, the individual may be eligible to apply for settlement also known as indefinite leave to remain, which would allow them to stay in the UK permanently.
  • No sponsorship required: Unlike some other UK visas, the Global Talent Visa does not require sponsorship from an employer.
  • Quick Processing time: the processing time for the Global Talent Visa (GTV) usually varies between 4 weeks to 8 weeks.
  • Citizenship: the individual may be eligible to apply for UK citizenship after living in the UK for a certain period of time.
Benefits of the Global Talent Visa

How to apply visa for UK?

Following are the general steps to apply visa for UK:

  • Determine the type of Visa you require
  • Prepare your Visa application
  • Pay the necessary fees
  • Book an appointment at a visa application center
  • Provide necessary documents and biometric information
  • Get the result of your application and proceed accordingly

What is the cost of living in United Kingdom?

The cost of living in the UK for Indian family can vary depending on where you live, your lifestyle, and other factors. It's important to research the cost of living in the specific area you plan to live in the UK. Given below are the approximate costs:

Cost in INR Cost in Pounds
Accommodation: For a one-bedroom apartment:
₹122503- ₹183755 (London)
₹51043- ₹102086 (Other Location)
For a one-bedroom apartment:
£1,200-£1,800 per month (London)
£500-£1,000 per month (Other Location)
Food: ₹4083- ₹6125 per week per person £40-£60 per week per person
Transportation: ₹5104- ₹15312 per month £50-£150 per month
Healthcare: - Free or low cost (some services may require a fee or private insurance)
Entertainment: ₹1020- ₹1531(Movie Ticket)
₹2041- ₹10208 (Theatre Ticket)
Variable. £10-£15 (Movie Ticket)
£20-£100 (Theatre Ticket)

Is it worth moving to UK from India?

The decision to move to the UK depends on individual circumstances and priorities. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Culture and lifestyle: the UK is a multicultural country but it might require you to adjust and alter your current lifestyle. The UK also offers a higher standard of living.
  • Job opportunities: this will depend on the sector of work you are working in or plan to work in. Since the UK is a developed country, hence better and higher-paying job opportunities will be available.
  • Cost of living: it is higher but you will also be getting benefits such as free public healthcare and a higher standard of living.
  • Education: the UK has world-class educational institutes and educational opportunities will be better comparatively.
  • Immigration and visa requirements: the UK is a top immigration destination and hence there are requirements that you need to meet if you want to immigrate. Keeping yourself updated or taking the guidance of a genuine and dependable immigration consultant can help you in this step.

UK Skilled Occupation list

Given below is the list of UK Skilled Occupations (but not limited to these):

  • Dev ops/Sys Ops Engineers
  • Experienced Data Scientists/ Data Engineers
  • AI/NLP/ML Experts
  • Cyber Security Experts
  • Hardware Engineers
  • CTO, VP Engineering
  • Digital Business Heads/Leaders,
  • Solution Sales Experts
  • SaaS/Enterprise Sales Experts
  • Performance/Digital Marketing
  • VC/PE Analyst
  • CEO
  • CBO
  • CSO of Digital Business

How can XIPHIAS Immigration help you?

  • Consultation: we offer consultation services to help individuals understand visa requirements and eligibility.
  • Documentation: we prepare and submit their visa application along with the required documents.
  • Processing: we follow up with authorities for clients and keep them informed about visa application status.
  • Legal Advice: we provide legal advice and representation for visa application issues.
  • Post-arrival support: we provide post-arrival support, including assistance with housing and settling.

We at XIPHIAS Immigration are committed to delivering the best services for aspirants looking to fulfill their immigration goals. Our team consists of experienced and well-equipped immigration consultants, lawyers, and solicitors who will guide you through the process with ease and ensure all the guidance required to make your immigration process a successful one.

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