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Global Talent Visa Pilot-Australia-1st July 2018

Posted By Webmaster XIPHIAS On 29-Jun-2018 02:28:56 PM

MIA Notice

No 74 | 29 June 2018

Department's correction to Home Affairs website Skills Assessment 187 DE from 1 July 2018

MIA National Office has received the following response from the Department to the MIA’s request for clarification of the statement on the Home Affairs website that a skills assessment would be required for all RSMS DE occupations from 1 July 2018.

The Department has since confirmed that this will not occur from 1 July 2018 and the reference to 1 July 2018 will be removed from the website.

Arrangements for Other Visas

Legislative Instrument-F2018L00940-IMMI 18/089- Arrangements for Other Visas, specifies the form, place and manner for making an application for the following classes of visa:

  • Confirmatory (Residence) (Class AK)
  • Resolution of Status (Class CD)
  • Border(Temporary) (Class TA)
  • Transit (Temporary) (Class TX)

Schedule 4 of this Instrument specifies, for applicants for a Transit (Temporary) (Class TX) visa that:

a) An application must be made using Form 876(Internet) which remains unchanged from the previous instrument; or

b) if authorised in an email by an Officer of the Department of Home Affairs, an application can be made using paper form 876 in accordance with the directions in the authorising email within 24 hours of the time when the authorising email was sent.

This change caters for applicants that encounter significant difficulties in using the online lodgement channel.

The form, place and manner for each other visa class remains unchanged.

This Instrument revokes IMMI 16/043 and commences 1 July 2018.

Global Talent Visa Pilot 1 July 2018

Highly skilled workers from around the world will have a new visa pathway into Australia as a part of the Government’s new Global Talent Scheme pilot program.

From 1 July 2018 all businesses will be able to sponsor highly skilled and specialised workers who will help to grow their businesses and create more jobs.

The scheme includes two streams – one for established businesses and one for start-ups.The pilot will run for 12 months and provide businesses with a streamlined process to sponsor overseas workers with cutting edge skills, where there are no suitable Australians available to fill the vacancies.

All businesses sponsoring workers to Australia under the scheme will need to demonstrate that they have been unable to source suitable individuals in the Australian labour market.

Workers sponsored under the scheme will have access to a Temporary Skills Shortage visa and permanent residence after three years.

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