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Drastic Changes in Quebec Immigration (Skilled Worker Program) Eligibility Points

Posted By Webmaster XIPHIAS On 09-Mar-2017 09:51:01 AM

Quebec has today announced drastic changes to its Selection Criteria for Quebec Skilled Worker Program. The qualifying points for a Single applicant will now be 50 (earlier 49) and for Married 59 (earlier 57). There has also been considerable general drop in Area of Training (AOT) points and for several specific fields of education and training. The maximum points available under AOT will be 12 (earlier 16) and most training which previously fetched 12 points, for example Nurses, will now get only 9 (earlier 12). These changes make it more difficult to achieve the points required to qualify. The above changes may also affect your application, as Quebec has announced that these changes will also be applied to applications submitted to Quebec before 08 March 2017 where the preliminary examination has not yet started, including those submitted under Mon Project Quebec. Our team is re-assessing all applications affected by this change to determine their continued eligibility and your coordinator will revert back to you very soon and let you know the outcome regarding your application.

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