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Consequences to the Existing Profiles in Express Entry

Posted By Webmaster XIPHIAS On 14-Dec-2016 07:05:16 PM Points under Arranged Employment (LMIA) :
  • If the job is under Major NOC OO, then you will get 200 points (earlier it was 600)
  • If the job offer is not Major NOC OO, but within NOC O, A or B, then you will get 50 points (earlier it was 600)
  • Points according to above will now also be given to those who are :a) Working in Canada for past 1 year under Intra Company Transferb) Working in Canada for past 1 year As Religious Workerc) Under any international Agreement, but not with Consulates/Embassies or Govt. Organizations.

(The Provincial Nominated Applications will continue to get 600 points)

Points for Canadian Education :
  • 15 points will be awarded to any Post Secondary Education in Canada leading to 1 to 2 years of study.
  • 30 points for Masters and Doctorates or 3 years post secondary education
Time limit ITA (Invitation to Apply) :

The time limit to apply for Permanent Resident after you get the ITA has been increased from 60 days to 90 days.

Consequences to the Existing Profiles in Express Entry :

Starting November 19, 2016 all the profiles in Express Entry may find their points unchanged or go up or go down. Applicants under CEC may see their points go up by 15 due to Post Secondary Education explained above.Those working in Canada for past one year under Intra Company Transfers can get additional 50 points making very competitive.

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