How to Get Canadian PR from India In 2023?

MAY 08, 2023 10:48:22 AM

Canada is a top immigration destination and getting a Canadian PR comes with its own benefits for aspirants looking to immigrate for study, work, or business. With a Canadian PR, an individual can stay up to 5 years in the country. [...]

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Canada's Global Talent Stream: A fast track to Canadian Work Permits

APRIL 25, 2023 10:35:11 AM

Canada's Global Talent Stream is a program designed to help Canadian employers hire highly skilled foreign workers for positions that cannot be filled by Canadian citizens or permanent residents. [...]

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How To Get Work Permit For UK Without Job Offer

APRIL 13, 2023 04:14:22 PM

It is often difficult to get a work permit for the UK without an employment offer. However, several visa categories do not require a work offer, one among such is the Global Talent Visa. [...]

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How to get Canadian Residency by Investment? Find out the complete guide for Canada Residency by Investment program

APRIL 8, 2023 10:14:22 AM

Canada Residency by Investment program is a government-approved scheme that allows individuals to gain Canadian residency in exchange for an investment in the country through Entrepreneurial activities. [...]

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Top 6 benefits of Canada Start-up Visa Program for Indian Entrepreneurs

MARCH 28, 2023 04:28:45 PM

The Canada start-up visa is a unique program designed to attract talented entrepreneurs from around the world including India to start innovative and competitive businesses in Canada. Unlike traditional immigration programs [...]

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Live, and Work in Europe with the EU Blue Card - A Pathway to European Residency and Citizenship

MARCH 27, 2023 01:10:45 PM

The EU Blue Card is a residence and work permit for highly skilled non-EU citizens who want to work in the European Union. The EU Blue Card was created to attract highly skilled workers to the EU and to promote [...]

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Global Talent Migration and Investment Migration Seminar 2023

MARCH 11, 2023 10:42:11 AM

Are you looking for a way to obtain residency in a country of your choice quickly or planning to boost your career with job options abroad? Have you considered trying for residency by investment [...]

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Work And Settle In The United States With The EB-5 Visa, A Path To US Green Card And Citizenship

FEBRUARY 23, 2022 09:10:25 AM

The United States EB-5 visa program is a popular and effective way for high-net-worth individuals and their families to obtain a Green Card in the United States. The EB-5 program is specifically [...]

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