Why to Choose the ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultants for Immigration?

Jan 21, 2022 11:28:01 PM

You can apply for Canadian Permanent residency visa program on your own. However, even after detailed research and analysis of each of the pathways available, you could still be in dilemma to choose what could work best, even more to understand how to get about doing things. Experts who have been dealing with immigrations across the globe have concluded that it would be best to work with ICCRC registered immigration consultants to ensure safe and secure migration to Canada.

That said, its extremely important to understand, exactly who the registered immigration consultants are? Canada, to help increase the working population in the country, introduced many immigration pathways. To ease problems faced by the migrants, ICCRC or Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council was started in the year 2011. The mandate for ICCRC is “to protect the interests of the immigration services consumers through effective regulations of immigrations and citizenship consultants and promotion of benefits of using only authorized immigration representatives.” (as quoted) ICCRC was replaced by CICC (College of Immigration and citizenship Consultants) in the year 2021. Now CICC will be supervising the Regulated Canadian Immigration consultants (RCIC)

This new organization has been provided with expanded powers to help fight frauds in the immigration field. It has also been announced that IRCC, CICC will be investigating the current immigration consultants and thereby have the power to sanction consultancy.

Any enterprise or individual who provide immigration consultancy service in lieu of collecting fee for the service, will need to be approved under the immigration and refugees protection act (IRPA) and citizenship act. As per this act, every consultant should be registered with one of the three organizations to be eligible to represent or advise for a fee - a law society of a province or territory (for lawyers or, in Ontario, paralegals), the Chambre des notaires du Québec, the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.

Consultants registered with CICC will need to have studied Bachelors degree or equivalent and will need to complete a diploma program with CICC which will be evaluated annually. Any enterprise of individual not registered or certified by CICC and still advising for Canada immigration is considered unauthorized.

The RCIC or registered consultants will need to follow a professional conduct and prove their competence. The CICC works to regulate two types of consultants – Regulated Canadian immigration consultants and Regulated International student immigration Advisors.

The CICC duties include –

Helping consultants get their licenses after having evaluated their educational qualifications, competence and work ethics

Work with such registered consultants or licensees to help them keep up to date about the changes in the immigration process

Evaluate the complaints received from the RCICs or RISIAs or against them and work to ensure maintenance of discipline in the immigration workflow.

Handle compensation fund which is set up to help individuals affected by the unprofessional behaviour of the licensees.

All RCICs have the right to advise aspirant immigrants, guide them and represent their case to help them achieve their immigration goals unless otherwise. Hence, it is advisable to work with such RCICs to migrate to Canada with no glitches in the way.

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