Why to Apply for Canada Permanent Residency Visa?

Aug 28 2019 11:28:01 PM

Canada is one of the preferred destinations for most immigrants who plan to settle permanently abroad. There are many programs to apply for Canada permanent residency visa and there are multiple reasons why people choose Canada to apply for this country’s permanent visa.

Provides High Standard Of Living And 2nd Best For Citizenship:

Candidate looks for a better and comfortable lifestyle when they plan to settle permanently abroad. It is one of the major deciding factor. According to the US News and World report analysis, Canada occupies no.1 position in giving high standards of living and holds the second position in providing citizenship to the immigrants worldwide.

Canada Invites More Than 300,000 Migrants Each Year:

Every year, Canada immigration invites more than 300,000 candidates to apply for Canada PR from across the world to settle permanently in Canada. If your profile is qualified enough and possesses all the required skills set, then you will for sure obtain a Canada permanent residency visa.

Canada Uses Point-Based Immigration System To Shortlist The Candidates:

Canada uses the Express Entry system to shortlist the foreign candidates for Canada PR visa. It is one of the easiest and fastest immigration programs to obtain Canada PR. The Express Entry system is an online point-based system that came into existence on Jan 2015. It's a merit-based system. Applicants who have applied through this system are given the top priority while shortlisting the candidate suitable for Canada PR. Such shortlisted candidates will be those who have earned a high score.

Canada PR within 6-8 Months Through Express Entry:

Canada processes the PR applications at intervals of 6-8 months through the Express Entry system. However, the processing time will change depending on the individual applicants, the documents submitted, verification process, and profile submission.

Impressive Immigration Policy:

Due to low population growth in Canada, it welcomes a vast variety of under-skilled applications under different categories to fulfill its needs in different industries. As a result, the country enabled its immigration policies and procedures systematically to welcome a larger qualified number of applications.

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