Why should I migrate to Canada?

September 28, 2022 11:28:01 PM

For long, man has been migrating to newer destinations in search of food, trade, shelter and better living conditions. Migrating to a new place and adapting to the circumstances is nothing new to living entities on the planet. Many countries welcome people of different ethnicity and culture into their country to promote right kind of human employment for the jobs to be done in the country. One such country which has since long invited immigrants is Canada. Canada has gone a step ahead by saying that one reasons for their economic achievements is the active contribution of immigrants towards the country’s economic progression. Migrating to Canada is a pretty straight forward and easy process if the documents are well-handled.

Canada started inviting immigrants into the country since the 1960s. Canada has introduced more than 70 immigration programs to accommodate various individuals who intend to relocate to Canada. With sanctions in USA ever increasing, Canada has become the new opportunity hub for all those professionals and business investors to relocate to. Canada is a beautiful country which is also one of the most economically advanced countries in the world. Canada is also politically strong and provides equal opportunities to participate in the administration of the country to all citizens irrespective of their ethnicity. Canada provides Canada Permanent Residency to all those individuals who have proven their mettle in their respective fields.

The country has been considered as one of the top 11 countries which provide the best living conditions to its citizens and residents. Canada has an education system that is world class and accepted world-wide. Canada provides free education for all its citizens and residents up to the time the students complete their 12th grade. There are many schemes that have been declared for the residents and citizens of the country. The country respects its environment and is maintained well. Canada’s citizens and residents contribute positively for the wellbeing of the environment. They also believe in community living. Canada provides best possible infrastructure to all those who intend to set up their business in Canada. They also provide best working conditions for its employees.

Currently, Canada is on the lurch for a lot of IT professionals. There is a constant need for skilled IT professionals, Nurses and Chartered accountants in the country. To ease the work load of the immigration authorities in Canada, Canada came up with Express Entry System in the year 2015 as a pilot project. Eventually the program was made into a full-fledged system in the year 2017 after its stupendous success in filtering the right profiles for Canada. As per this program, all the profiles of the applicants who intend to relocate to Canada should be created in the system. Once the profile is created, applications can be submitted into the system through the profile. Depending on the program that each one intends to apply for, the applicant will have to submit their expression of interest accordingly. Profiles in this system will be evaluated based on the score that each of the application obtains against the set parameters for factors which include age, education, experience, adaptability and language ability.

Of the many immigration programs defined by Canada, Provincial nominee program is the most sought after one. The candidates, who relocate to Canada through this program, also get a higher preference for employment, above candidates who relocate to the country through other programs. As per this program, the immigrants get to relocate to the province of their choice. Such provinces which choose the right candidates for their province provide nomination for the aspirants. With help of the nomination, the applicant proceeds to apply for Permanent Residency with Canada’s IRCC.

As said earlier, the program provides a lot of opportunities and great living experiences for the immigrants. This said, Canada is also a neighbor to USA, which is always on the lookout for the right skilled professionals for the jobs open in the country.

Canada gives higher preference to all those individuals who have had a year of experience in the country. And all such individuals can apply to Canada through their Canada Experience Class program. Anybody with a year of proper full-time work experience in the country can apply through this program. Canada believes in keeping families together and encourages the skilled immigrant aspirants or Canada business immigrants to apply to any of the immigration programs along with their immediate spouse and dependent children. Canada has also introduced multiple programs to help the immigrants invite their parents and grandparents into Canada as temporary visitors there.

Another important program that Canada has introduced in the recent past is the Community Pilot program which doesn’t need the aspirants to fulfill any of the factor parameters. However, it requires the aspirants to commit to live in the community for a stipulated period of time. Most of the Permanent Residents in Canada become eligible for Canada citizenship in 4 to 5 years’ time that they live in Canada. This citizenship provides the immigrant a bigger exposure to opportunities in Canada other than the immigrant’s domain space.

It could be possible for one to apply for Canada PR on their own-self. However, it is safe to apply for the same through an immigration consultancy firm which is registered with the ICCRC, Canada. You would be 100% successful in relocating to Canada if you take the help of such an immigration consultancy firm.

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