Why most of the investors prefer European Countries for Investment

Jul 2 2022 11:28:01 PM

European Continent is made of a variety of cultures and traditions. The continent has many countries which are unique in their own way. The continent is famous for its beauty, its richness and the culture it offers there. Many of the countries are chosen to invest in only because the country is rich and offers the best for its residents. Many European countries exchange their residency or citizenship with those high net-worth individuals who intend to invest in the country through there Immigrant Investor visa program. The few countries mentioned here provide best immigration solution to obtain residency in Europe.

However, it is important that the high net worth individual work with the right international investment immigration company to invest. As such a company will have team of international investors’ experts and will have good connections with multiple business houses there. The Europe PR process is not heavy, although it requires the investor to provide the right documentation. Hence it is best to work with the right international immigration experts to invest there, so as to ensure the investments bring in the desired returns.

Portugal –

This visa program is also known as the Portugal Golden Visa. The investment Visa in Portugal program has two paths for the investor to choose. One is the Portugal Angel Investor program and the other is the Golden Visa program. The Portugal Angel Investor program is one of the cheapest ways to relocate to Europe. This program is for those who intend to invest in Research and Development projects in Portugal and France. The investor can choose to invest in the arts in Portugal too.

For the Golden visa, the investor will be needed to invest in the real estate of Portugal. You as an investor can choose to invest 350,000 euros in a property that is 30 year old or 500,000 euros in a newer property. To invest in any of the arts or R&D projects the investor needs to invest only euro 175,000.

To maintain the Golden Visa, the investor will have to spend a minimum of 7 days in the first year of investment followed by 14 days of living every 2 years subsequently. Portugal allows residents to apply for citizenship after 6 years of residency in Portugal. For this, the aspirant will have to take up an exam on Portugal history and also should be proficient in the language there.

Cyprus -

To obtain Cyprus residency, the high net worth individual must spend a minimum of euro 300,000 in the real estate of Cyprus. However, such a real estate should be new and approved by the Government. Most of the residency programs in Europe need the real estate to be in the name of the individual, but Cyprus does not follow this rule. Cyprus allows the real estate to be in the name of any entity belonging to the primary applicant for the residency or in the name of their spouse or self as would be needed by the applicant. Cyprus requires the residency holder to live in the country only once in two years’ time. The investor becomes qualified to apply for citizenship in the country after 7 years of living there. To obtain Cyprus citizenship, the investor will have to live in Cyprus for 12 months before applying for citizenship.

Cyprus provides citizenship to all those who are ready to invest Euro 2,500,000 in the real estate of the country. The investment should be maintained for a minimum of 3 years.

Greece –

Greece requires the investors to invest Euro 250,000 in the real estate of the country and thus it is less than most of the other European investment programs. If the property value in Greece doesn’t reach the threshold indicated, the investor can choose to invest in multiple properties in Greece. Greece Residency is also called Golden Visa program. Greece doesn’t need the investor to live in Greece for even a single day. However, if the investor needs Greece citizenship, then the investor will have to live in Greece for a certain period of time. It is also required to learn the language.

Latvia –

Latvia is one of the most sought after European Union residency program as it was one of the easiest to qualify for. It requires the investor to invest a minimum of Euro 250,000 in the real estate of the country. In exchange of the investment the investor gets residency of Latvia. To maintain the residency status of Latvia, one needs to visit the country only once a year. If the investor intends to obtain citizenship of Latvia after 5 years of permanent residency, the investor will have to spend more time in Latvia along with spending 12 months in Latvia just prior to submission of citizenship application for Latvian Citizenship. Initially, the investor will get 5 years of temporary residency followed by 5 years of permanent residency permit with help of which the investor get to live and work in Latvia along with eligibility to apply for citizenship there. Apart from the 10 years of residency, the investor will have to learn Latvian language to qualify for citizenship there.

Malta –

Malta is another famous beautiful island country in Europe which invites foreign direct investors into the country. Malta offers both residency and citizenship of the country in exchange for the investments there. Malta allows investors to invest either in real estate of the country or invest in Government bonds for euro 250,000. The investor can invest an amount of euro 330,000 in the real estate of the country to obtain Malta’s Permanent Residency. Apart from this, the investor will have to make a non-refundable donation to the Government fund. This program is a fast track program and fetches the investor his result in straight 2 months’ time.

France –

France is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and is one of the most economically advanced countries. France provides multi-year residency permit under ‘Talent Passport’ visa program. This is renewable every 4 years once. Highly skilled professionals or High net-worth individuals who intend to run a business in France or start a business in France can utilize this visa program.

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