Why invest in a second Citizenship?

MAY 07, 2022 10:28:45 AM

Immigration has been there for time immemorial, and it has shaped economies, built societies. Migration is a key contributor to economic prosperity; the migrants yield 9% of the global GDP despite being 3% of the global population. But what is it that motivates people to move? The key rationale has been to widen the scope and look for a better future for their immediate families and future generations. Motivations to migrate today are no different today and feel for the need has only been aggrandised by the pandemic, unstable political systems, wars, and stagnant economies. HNIs (high net worth individuals) across the globe are vying to invest for a better life via obtaining a second citizenship.

Investing on a second citizenship is abstruse, onerous over and above many governments do not receive application directly from the applicants. Hence it is important that an investor explores organisations, consultants, and attorneys who can help them through the complex legal process for investing and acquiring second citizenship.

What are the key benefits of a second citizenship?

It is everyone’s dream to have an excellent and propitious future, but often this dream is subjugated by the residing country’s unstable governments, disturbed political conditions and wars. Second citizenship is a panacea to this predicament. It provides the liberty to an investor to chart their path to a greater future, as a result of state-of-the-art infrastructures, best healthcare setup, quality education prospect, safety and security

It is the wish and aspiration of parents across the globe to provide their children with the best education. The second citizenship will allow the children of the immigrant to get world-class education in the best of environments and it sets the ground for their future generations to also receive the finest Education.

Investing on a second citizenship empowers the investor to enhance a portfolio of assets and wealth, expand business on new international frontiers and profit by expanding the market.

Many European, Caribbean passports allow visa free travel to all European Union countries and also to the countries in the Schengen area and other parts of the world. This enhancement of scope to travel the globe is a great benefit of the second citizenship or second passport.

A second citizenship not only changes the life of the applicant and their family, but the permanency allows it to be passed to generations. Thus, granting all the benefits for the generations to come.

There is a slew of Citizenship by Investment programs offered by many countries. Applying for citizenship under the CBI programs involves a rigorous due diligence process, post which the successful applicants can contribute to government-approved funds or invest in government approved real estate.

XIPHIAS Immigration, a leader in Investment Migration services, understands and appreciates the need of an investor to acquire second citizenship. With over ten years of experience in Investment Migration and with very able attorneys and IMC certified investment migration consultants on board, XIPHIAS empowers investors to own a second passport.

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