Why Canada is considered as the Best Destination for Indian techies?

September 27 2019 11:28:01 PM

In 2018, Canada has approved almost 40,000 Indians for Permanent Residence through the Express Entry Program. The number of Indians migrating to Canada has been rising steadily throughout the years.

What makes Canada the best goal for Indians to live and work abroad? For what reason more Indians are choosing Canada over the US or the UK?

Here is the reason Canada is the best goal/destination for Indian tech laborers:

Canada's economy was once tremendously dependent on its natural resources. Present-day Canada has effectively changed into a knowledge-driven economy. It is one of the leaders in artificial intelligence, fintech, cloud programming, and biotech.

With the UK battling with political unrest due to Brexit and the US fixing immigration rules, Canada is the ideal goal for Indian techies.

Canada is expecting one million additional immigrants in the next couple of years. Conversely, the US has an increasingly against migration stand. H1B Visa rejections have gone up alarmingly in the US. Canada invited a larger number of newcomers in 2018 than it at any point did in the former 100 years. Canada, then again, recognizes that immigrants are important to its economy.

Canada is notable for its tight-knit migrant networks. You can even find a Little India, Chinatown, Little Italy, and Koreatown in Toronto. Indians structure one of the biggest migrant communities in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, South Asians make up 4.8% of the number of immigrants in Canada. 7.6% of the number of inhabitants in Ontario is comprised of South Asians. Almost 1 million South Asians live in the Greater Toronto Area with the vast majority of them packed in territories like Brampton.

As compared to nations like the US and the UK the cost of living in Canada is much lower. Canada also has a few reasonable housing choices incorporating into regions which have huge Indian people group. For example, the lease of a one-room house in Brampton is around CAD 1737. Compared with that a one-room loft in Fremont, USA will cost CAD 4037. Additionally, open transportation in regions like Toronto makes it a lot simpler to drive.

Canada is a place that is known for abundant and rich natural beauty. From the renowned Niagara Falls to the wide, open fields of Alberta, Canada's normal scene is assorted. From the red sand seashores in Prince Edward Island to ski-resorts in Whistler, you will discover something exactly as you would prefer in Canada.

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