Which is the Best country to choose to migrate

Nov 23, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Migration is one of the choicest decisions one needs to make. You need to make the decision based on many a parameters since you will be leaving behind your family, your relatives, your friends and much more to relocate to a new country. You will be making a shift in your way of life. However, it is important that you make your choice depending on how good the migration works for you and how well it could contribute for the kind of life you intend to live. As skilled professionals you will be also looking for the right opportunities to raise the ladder in your domain. Migration to Canada is one of the better choices if you are looking at what countries work best. As skilled migrants many countries will be willing to open their doors for you if you qualify their requirements. Canada, Australia and New Zealand are few of the best countries which are inviting skilled immigrants. UK intends to start inviting skilled professionals starting January 2021.

As per the recent survey by World economic forum, 14% of the world population intends to relocation and one in every 5 persons chose USA to be their destination followed by Canada, Germany, UK and France. To help you choose the best country for you to relocate to we have listed down few parameters that can help you take the decision–

1. Stable and secure government – This is one of the key factors you should deliberate on when deciding to migrate. A secure and stable government can help you feel safe which would help you focus on your professional and personal growth. Only when the Government is strong, the economy grows. With growth in economy aided by a well-planned road map ensures that the residents and citizens of the country obtain the high standards of living. Countries like Canada and Germany can actually claim to have achieved this feat.

2. People – Another important factor is the people. The country you move to should be open to welcoming foreigners with open hands. They should not be having any kind of prejudice against the foreign bodies getting to live in the country. Canada in fact to prove their welcome nature for foreign nationals has come up with different immigration programs to ease the migration.

3. Opportunities – Work is what defines our being. As skilled professionals your aim should be to move to countries where you get the right opportunity to implement your skills and talent and be able to grow in your domain space. Most countries welcome many skilled professionals into the country who will be able to actively contribute to the economy of their country. Canada and Australia provide pompous amount of opportunities to you to grow and develop. Canada Permanent residencyis one of the most sought after immigration pathway as it provides ample number of opportunities and is also a neighbor to the USA.

4. Cost of living – This is one of the major factors you need consider when making a choice to relocate to. One of the concerns would be your ability to purchase your daily necessities and also be able to save for the future. The country you move to should provide you the confidence that you would be able to achieve your economic goals while not compromising your everyday living.

5. Investment opportunities – As mentioned earlier, it is important that you be able to achieve your economic goals. Hence, the country you migrate to should also be easy on allowing foreign nationals invest in the country’s real estate or in other investment assets.

6. Healthcare – One of the most intricate points to take into consideration is the kind of insurance that any government provides in relation to health. Of the top countries today which attract foreigners to migrate, Canada and Australia provide the best health insurance possible for both residents and citizens of the country. With the kind of health insurance provided by Canada, you will not have to spend much from your pockets. Also, the country’s health practices are top notch. Few provinces in Canada have varying degrees of health care programs. You can choose to relocate to one of these provinces through their Provincial Nominee program.

7. Travel options – With the residency that you hold in the country, you should be able to travel freely in and out of the country without many blockages in your path. You should be able to travel multiple times. Since you will be closer to becoming a global citizen with the residency visa in a different country, it is important to address this.

8. Education system – Children are the future. It is imperative that they be provided with the right kind of education system. The education that is provided should be accepted world-wide and effective measures taken to ensure the children are guided in the right manner possible.

9. Residency options and further ups – The other point of contention would be the kind of road-map you would be provided when relocating to the country. The residency permit should lead to the citizenship of the country. One of the major reasons why people get attracted to Canada and Australia is the fact that these countries provide a facility for the immigrants to become citizens of the country after having lived there for a certain period of time.

Few other factors that people consider when relocating is the kind of air quality in the country they relocate to, the safety, security and the language barriers.

Whatever said and done, it is important that you take the help of the right immigration firm who can help you relocate to your chosen destination or who can help you identify the best immigration solution for your situation. If you are looking at relocating to Canada or Australia, it is important for you to identify immigration firms registered with the ICCRC, Canada or MARA Australia. Such registered firms are considered official immigration agents for the country and they can represent you at the immigrations as would be required.

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