What is Canada Language Benchmark

August 20 2022 11:28:01 PM

Canada Language Benchmark, in short known as CLB is one of the most important factors that need to be satisfied for the aspirant immigrant to ensure relocation to Canada. CLB is a means to measure and recognize the proficiency that the immigrants intending to relocate to Canada possess. This can be for either English or French language. A standard is set for the 4 modules of language which include reading, writing, speaking and listening. It is best to work with top Canada Immigration Consultants who can guide the immigrant aspirant about CLB.

IELTS, CELPIP or TEF are the approved tests that the aspirant applicants need to undertake. The scores obtained from these tests need to be converted into language points based on CLB’s structure. The applicants need to achieve a minimum of CLB-4 to qualify that is to say that the applicant is ready to take the job. Any person, who gets a CLB score less than 4, is considered as a person who is new to the English Language. In Canada Skilled Migration program, the CLB requirement changes as per the program chosen by the aspirant immigrant.

The applicant will need to prove that he or she knows either of the language to a comfortable level where they can communicate clearly in their day to day life. The aspirant applicant will submit their application in the profile created in the Express Entry system along with the CLB report. The applicant will have to provide this report while apply for Canada provincial Nomination program too. The 4 important skill aspects of Language one gets tested in –

Reading –

Under reading section, the individual taking up this test will need to prove that the person can read a simple personal email. The aspirant will need to prove that he or she can read a simple recipe to prepare a food item.

The aspirant should be able to get the essence of advertisements. The aspirant should be able to read a simple story and be able to extract information from the story or draw inferences for the same.

This is the minimum requirement that the aspirant needs to fulfill. This is the definition given to any person who can achieve CLB-4.

A person who can achieve a CLB between 5 and 8, will be able to understand short predictable relevant reading materials along with understanding the required vocabulary. A person who can achieve CLB -12 will be someone who will be able to understand complex reading materials in a broad variety of style and formats. Any immigration firm who can help in taking up these tests for the new express entry program will be the best to work with for immigration.

Writing –

An individual, who achieves CLB less than 3, will be someone who can write single words, or a few memorized phrases or a simple few sentences. Such a person knows simple grammar. A person who can achieve CLB-4 is a person who can write a short personal message, copy simple information, can write a simple request and someone who can write a small paragraph. The person will have the competency to write a simple message with good grammar quality control.

A person who can achieve CLB-8 can write an e-mail, record details of some information, write a resume and can write a short essay.

Anybody who can achieve between CLB-9 and CLB-12 is considered a person has achieved advanced language ability in Writing. Such a person will be a confident writer with good hang of grammar.

Listening –

A person who achieves CLB less than 3, understands the main ideas and simple facts. But the individual needs support from the speaker. The applicant who can achieve CLB-4 is somebody who has shown competency on understanding simple communication, but may not be able to understand when sentences are complex or information is unfamiliar.

A person who is able to achieve CLB between 5 and 8, are considered someone who has Intermediate language Ability. While a person with CLB-5 is someone who understands the main ideas when the language is simple and when the speaker talks legibly, a person with CLB-8 is someone who can follow sequences however will have difficulty following complex conversations.

A person who is able to achieve CLB between 9 and 12, is considered an individual who can communicate on variety of topics, and can understand extensive range of complex communication on most general and specialized topics.

Speaking –

A person who achieves CLB 4 and less in “SPEAKING” is some who is considered new to the language. He can manage use of single words and few memorized short phrases. The person will have no control over his grammar. He makes lot of communication and pronunciation mistakes. His language ability is considered to be very basic

A person who achieves CLB between 5 and 8 is considered a person with Intermediary Language ability skills. Such a person will have average control over his grammar skills.

A person who achieves CLB between 9 and 12 in Speaking is considered as a person with advanced language ability skills. Such a person will be confident in communicating in routine or non-routine situations. The person will have good control on grammar and pronunciations.

Achieving CLB as required by individual immigration program is important. It should be addressed good. Immigration firms who provide ample support to you to take up the test should be the immigration firm you need to work with. You need to ensure that such an immigration firm is ICCRC registered consultants.

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